New Interview in Attitude Magazine

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Thank you to our good friend Anne for finding and sharing scans from Gwen and Tony’s new interview with Attitude magazine for December. In the interview, they talk about the “Push and Shove” video, working with Spike Stent, Return of Saturn (Gwen says she recently found her journals from the writing session and she can’t read them anymore, due to them being so dark. Gwen also says “Magic’s In The Makeup” is one of the best songs she’s written) and the new album.

Gwen describes the lyrics to “Looking Hot”: “I wanted to write a song about how people see me, how I see myself, and how I don’t give a fuck what they think. ‘Looking Hot’ is a song about how everybody hides who they really are behind a facade. It’s funny how people don’t see the irony.”

They also address how the iconic red dress Gwen wore on the Tragic Kingdom cover was stolen. Both Gwen and Tony think that that dress symbolized the era and Gwen coming out of her shell.

And, when asked what song they wish was a single from the past, Gwen picks “Start the Fire”! Being one of my personal favorites, Gwen says how much she loves the song but realizes it could have never been a single.

8 Replies to “New Interview in Attitude Magazine”

  1. Austin, I don’t understand your comments. It’s OBVIOUS that No Doubt has a large gay following, so this is a natural step.

  2. Great interview! It’s so helpful when the writer is a fan of the band!

    I think Gwen should listen to ROS again. Her lyrics were amazing on it and maybe it would inspire some new songs while listening to the darkest moment in her life.

  3. Interesting that Start the Fire is one of Gwen’s favourite No Doubt songs as it almost didn’t even make it on to Rock Steady! Wasn’t it a toss-up between it and New Friend? Glad Start the Fire made it – it’s the song that made me obsessed 😀

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