New Harajuku Mini Installement Coming To Target In March

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Heads up Harajuku Mini lovers! The new installment is schedulded to hit Target stores and online next month! The past two releases have been such a great hit and we know that this next collection is going to be fabulous. Target praised it last year as one of the year’s biggest successes for the brand. Jessica Deede, spokesperson for Target, mentions that Harajuku Mini is like nothing they have ever had at Target and really gives kids fun clothes that they can express themselves with. We will let you know when the latest looks can be found near you!

Sun Times — And while the Circo and Cherokee labels at Target may not stand out as being particularly unique or edgy, Target’s recent partnership with Gwen Stefani has caught my attention. The playful line, called Harajuku for Target, offers nautical-inspired outfits for babies that have a ton of edge, and colorful rockstar looks for older kids, all between $4 and $30. And it will be an ongoing collection, with a whole new crop of looks coming out next month.

“It’s a collection unlike anything else we have offered from a style standpoint,” says Deede. “It allows kids to really have fun with clothes and kind of express their individuality.”

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