New Harajuku Lovers Cartoon and Fragrance Coming Soon

Wow! In a new interview with Gwen telling details of her new upcoming casual apparel line, DWP, she also revealed two brand new projects coming soon for Harajuku Lovers.

First, Gwen reveals a new fragrance is coming! She doesn’t mention a time to expect it, but it’s great news after it was shared back in July of 2011 that the perfume line was finished.

Secondly, Gwen teases us that a new Harajuku Lovers cartoon is on the way! She says: “We are doing a cartoon for Harajuku Lovers, which is a 52-episode girls cartoon that is insane, it’s so cute.” Woah! Again, no premiere date at this time but definitely something to look out for! Big news for Harajuku Lovers!

Click here to read more about Gwen’s upcoming plans for the new year and what to look forward to.

(Artwork and fragrance bottles used in this post are from past ad campaigns and are NOT new!)

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