Gwen Discusses ‘Push and Shove’, Rediscovering Herself and What’s Next for No Doubt

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In a new candid interview with Rolling Stone, Gwen discusses No Doubt’s latest album, Push and Shove, their new track “Shine” and rediscovering herself while working with Pharrell Williams again.

She first opens up by saying she’s had “couple of hard years” looking back on the studio sessions while working on Push and Shove. The album was recorded mostly while Gavin was away touring with his band Bush which left her on her own raising their two boys Kingston and Zuma. “I would get my kids ready for school, drop them off, go in the studio and be home by four to make dinner.” Gwen says that she feels “sad” that the album “didn’t connect” with fans and critics.

The article says that Gwen has since channeled her inner “turmoil” into new material for her upcoming solo album, expected early 2015. She admits that she’s been trying to write songs for her new album but is having trouble writing anything “on par” with her last solo records. “I wasn’t gonna bring back the Harajuku Girls,” she says, referring to her former Japanese backup dancers. “You kind of run out of ideas. After a while, you’re just competing with yourself.” Since giving birth to her third son Apollo this past February, she says she had a turning point and inspiration struck after reuniting with Pharrell. Gwen shares that her last pregnancy was really rough (and had her sick the majority of the time). Since being on The Voice, Pharrell encouraged Gwen to get back into the studio and expressed how much she needed to let her own voice be heard and “not have a bunch of people telling her what to do.”

“Baby Don’t Lie” songwriter/producer on Gwen, “She’s an open book. She’s cuckoo, she’s a superhero, but there’s vulnerability there. Even the biggest people [she worked with] were star-struck.”

Rolling Stone also confirms that Gwen is writing with Charli XCX. Gwen says that she normally doesn’t write with female songwriters but said she chose too because Charli had her “vibe.”

Gwen’s third solo album, due out early next year, came together in about six months. She calls being back in the studio this time around “addictive” and stresses the fact that she wants to put this album out as well as another No Doubt album. Gwen probably won’t tour her new album but does confirm that No Doubt are heading out again on the road this summer for a few festival shows.

No Doubt’s new track “Shine”, co-written and produced by Pharrell, is confirmed to be appearing in the US release of the upcoming family comedy, Paddington. The article hints that the track may be a solo song now but we’ll have to wait for an official confirmation. The soundtrack is said to be hitting retailers soon.

Gwen is so humble in by saying she’s “shocked” that people still care. “Doing another solo record and recording No Doubt music and being on The Voice and having three boys all at one time, that just wasn’t something I could dream up in my mind.”

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  1. I’m personally so into this new era and so excited for her album as well as the new No Doubt album. We’re getting the best of both worlds

  2. I think Gavin should just give up on his music, help watch the boys, and let Gwen focus on what actually pays their bills.

  3. ^ yes, it really did.
    With all the negativity around lately this was great to read. A lot to look forward to. another song about emojis though? Haha

  4. i wonder how long ago this interview was, ive been subscribed to RollingStone for 15 years and they usually do there interviews kinda further back than the issue is released.. i like that she addressed the commercial fail of P&S, i wish she said more about it. i LOVE RollingStone. When you get a rollingstone cover—–its a BIG deal—-just like Vogue. i love that ND got 2 covers & Gwen 1! ICONIC!

  5. Small article but full with so much good information. The Pharrell mirror thing got me, seriously, I’m happy she’s back to herself and enjoy music and her boys. I hope Pharrell is around her as long as he can because you can see a serious change. He really is Gwens Oprah.
    Anthony-I think at this stage its pointeless.

  6. I have so much love for Push and Shove, so it’s a bummer to hear that she feels sad about it. It might have been a flop commercially, but I feel like ND fans loved it.

  7. ^^^ I’m a die hard no doubt fan …been a fan since 1993…but even I thought push and shove was lacking creativity and direction…it sounded like a Gwen Stefani/No Doubt hybrid … meaning it kinda sounded like a Gwen solo cd…. With no doubt influences … and i was sad it only 12 songs, 11 new songs after 11 years?!!!! That’s it?! I was disappointed… it was like a slap in the face to me as a fan and too many others … it’s obvious to me why it failed commercially.

  8. *11 songs … and maybe two or three was good … and with the ‘looking hot’ controversy … it was just a mess from the get go …I still believe they shouldve never pulled that video…it was one of their better ones … you don’t have to always be politically correct … artists can ouch the envelope and it can still be artistic … they put the nail in the coffin after they pulled that video …that could’ve been a strong second single for that album.

  9. Gwen Stefani/No Doubt’s present:

    “You kind of run out of ideas. After a while, you’re just competing with yourself.”

  10. “Looking Hot” had the most and best promo, it couldve been a hit with out a video, the song just isnt good & the public didnt respond to it. i think “Sparkle” would’ve been a good single. “Push and Shove” was the only song that got radio play here in OC/LA and it was a version with out Busy Signal, i absolutely loved that song

  11. Hey, BSO/Jenny, how is “Spark the Fire” doing? did it make the itune charts at all? or coming to radio?? i cant find out that stuff on my phone, if someone can let me know please id greatly appreciate it

  12. I feel very confident that “Shine” is going to be a No Doubt song. We have confirmation from Gwen herself, and now it’s in Rolling Stone which is a very legitimate publication. I think it’s a great idea to do a song for a film soundtrack… just like “New” being in GO a year before ‘Return of Saturn’ came out. I’d assume it was only written by Pharrell and Gwen, and probably not the guys but that doesn’t mean it’s not a No Doubt song (similar to “Underneath It All,” for example). So it’s possible the writing credit is contributing to the confusion, but my money is definitely on it being a No Doubt song.

  13. Nobody outside of the fan circle likes STF. Its kind of heartbreaking reading all the facebook and youtube comments. Its not going to do well. Gwen should have promoted BDL instead. Not only did it have more buzz being her first single, but the general public liked it more. And yes she should have shot a much better video!

  14. I think there is negavitity around Gwen not just the song, she will have to work it promoting it on radio and I wish she can perform some Christmas Radio shows, that could help a lot not only the song but the album. Even Taylor Swift who has a huge fanbase and is a critics darling was everywhere promoting her album. We’ll just have to wait and see.

  15. I’m just sad all of this is such a disaster …. and we do know ‘shine’ is a nodoubt song it’s gonna be on the paddington soundtrack …. I don’t know I just feel Gwen’s new management …is the worse she’s had in her whole career ….BDL would a been awesome live, she shouldve sung it live at the ‘we can survive’ even and not hollaback girl for the 500th time! Her not promoting BDL is killing this comeback … and i hate to say it …but pharrell produced tracks just aren’t that good …they’re more his sound …and totally not gwens sound…and he produced the new no doubt song… too -_- her best songs when she’s solo are quirky weird sounding songs like wywf or ballads like 4 in the morning or cool…. With her new solo album coming out in the beginning of next year and no successful single to date backing it … I mean, I’m kinda worried about all this….

  16. I think she missed a prime opportunity to perform STF at the AMAs and release it then too. The Voice kind of messed all that up. I don’t think she really cares though. She seems to just want to have fun with her buddy Pharrell and do what she wants.

  17. Looking back and after reading the comments on The Voice Facebook, Spark The Fire was the wrong song to perform at that show. Wrong audience.

  18. I think STF just really isn’t a good single choice in general, at least not at this point. It’s a hard song to promote, because it has such a limited audience. It’s basically a song for the clubs, but not for (pop) radio and also not for a family TV format like The Voice. I know Gwen really wanted this to be a single, but maybe they just should’ve made it a “buzz single” before BDL came out.

  19. This post is depressing, anyway if she doesn’t promote it more its obvious this project is just for her to have fun, enjoy make music again and of course be around Pharrell. She’s happy and looks she’s over the issues that had her in a rough place in the last few years and as a fan at this point I’ll take it. She’s 45 we knew this was going to be very difficult considering how music is today. As for the hate, I still think people has negativity issues for Gwen as a Celebrity and this is no new. That said Meghan Traynor took the haterade cake today after she got nominated for the Grammys, crazy comments EVERYWHERE.

  20. I don’t think people feel one way or another about Gwen. She’s right down the middle I would say. But yes, I knew this would be tough given her age and time out of the spotlight. I think it would be great if she is just doing music for fun now and not so much for hit songs.

  21. I think she’s enjoying this new era, and if she really wants to release singles and videos and not promote them, I’m OK with that. We know she has a lot on her plate. I’d rather her focus on a proper tour with No Doubt for next Summer.

  22. I actually do know gwens music catalog very well! And I honestly think spark the fire is not Gwen …If it were so Gwen why are most people hating it that are gwen fans? Baby don’t lie on the other hand VERY Gwen…. she shouldve done wayyyy more performances for that song. Usually I support everything gwen does … but whoever she has as her new management … is really not giving her many opportunities to promote her music AT ALL… and spark the fire …performed live for a whole bunch of preteens on the voice? The audience is just not right… she needs to be on award shows performing … to a broader audience … im just sad. ..i was really hoping for a huge return …but as of right now…im not impressed. I feel we are gonna get the same.from no doubt ehen theyy return …. because pharrell is producing a lot of their music as well -_-

  23. I think the lyrics of STF are maybe a little off putting also.. sprinkle some more love right here where it belongs, etc. it clashes with how I see gewn. especially when the single is struggling to say the least. I don’t know why but it reminds me a little bit of gagas applause.. “the way they cheer and scream for me, applause applause” haha. It always made me cringe

    I’m still holding out hope, I know she’s got it. And no offence to fergie fans, but gwen should have a wayyyy better chance at a big comback than her IMO, but so far LA love is doing the best. Surprisingly..not a fan of that song at all.

  24. i agree with JESSE, we all know her catalog of music and STF doesnt fit in. when people on here were saying “STF is gonna be huge mark my words” —–i felt bad saying other wise—–i think it could’ve had all the live promo like “Looking hot” did and itd be the same cuz the song just isnt good. Someone like Perez Hilton who adores gwen/nd & never has written anything negative EVER doesnt like the song either. STF is a goofy song

  25. Yeah because I totally rely on Perez to have my own opinion on a song. He’s not even worth to scrub the floor.
    Anyway I’ll stop here. I’m supporting this song 100% because I’m feeling it. I can understand it’s not everybody’s cup of tea but this is Gwen’s territory. I’m glad she’s enjoying this moment. I love to see her happy. And you can tell how much she’s enjoying to have this song off her chest.

  26. excuses like “the voice is the wrong audience for STF”——if the song was good it would FLY anywhere. Just like “Looking hot”, that song was everywhere and couldve been successful w/out a video, it just wasnt good—-both songs have goofy lyrics in my opinion

  27. @NDLOVER, i dont even understand your response?? i never said anything about relying on Perez Hilton at all. i was using him as an example as him being a huge fan and supporter

  28. It’s fine you don’t like it Bob, I think performing at Christmas radio shows with sold out audience helps. I wish there is a way she can do more of these shows. Also whay there is not a post ab this or the Billboard article?

  29. Well I love everything about Gwen but for me STF is a terrible and an awful song… sorry if someone doesn’t like it but BDL is way much better, I love that song and it’s being played very often here in Colombia 😄😄😄

  30. Perez is a Gwen fan like he’s a Gaga or an Azelia Banks fan. Lol He quickly leaps from one bandwagon to the next. *yawns* And yeah liking it or not there’s a right audience for a certain kind of sound.

  31. NDLOVER i dont like him either, i still dont understand your points—– i agree JOSSY the kiis fm concert is great i didnt know about that, i love how on board pharrell is w/the single, its great

  32. I don’t think we can compare STF to LH (yet). LH was performed EVERYWHERE and still it didn’t connect with people, STF was only performed on The Voice (so far) and didn’t connect with that specific audience (middle aged women, families, moms, gradmas and country fans).

  33. To me Looking Hot is a great song, fun and catchy (albeit kind of superficial, I know it’s tongue in cheek but even so). I couldn’t understand for the life of me why it didn’t even chart. When you look at the garbage that is at the top of the charts… Well actually maybe it’s better to NOt be part of that mess.. But I feel bad for Gwen and ND that P&S didn’t do anything. It had about 5 good songs and the rest was certainly not bad. I really want Gwen back on top and I know she is aching to have another big hit song, but I’m afraid that even with all the Voice promotion and new management, her new cd might go down like P&S. I was certainly disappointed in the lack of promotion for BDL, I feel like it was Gwen’s doing, she never wanted that song as the first single. Don’t understand it. So much better that Spark The Fire IMO.

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