New Gwen Interview With Mojo In The Morning — Tom came up with the name "Zuma!"


Thanks to hotchik, Gwen recently called into Mojo in the Morning to discuss the new tour, which we hear the basics, but she also talks about a couple different topics which we have been curious about! The DJ is pretty ignorant towards the beginning saying that Gwen will mix in some solo stuff with No Doubt material, sigh, then going on to say it’s nice that she decided to bring back No Doubt. The other DJ does correct him saying that the band never broke up, and she kept her promise when she said that she would work on a couple solo albums.


Gwen’s so cute, she refers to Zuma as a “sweet chunky little boy.” She thinks that Zuma is really easy, but King has really big opinions. The band members plan on taking all the kids to zoos around the country (wonder if we could run into all of them!) Gwen says that she gained a lot more baby weight with Zuma than King, but of course she wouldn’t reveal more than that…why would she? Anyways, she says that all of the Mark Squires photos were taken right after The Sweet Escape tour before she got pregnant with Zuma. The DJ reads Gwen an email that a fan named their baby Zuma after Gwen’s, and she reveals that Tom was actually the one who came up with it (as an option for Rio!) They joke around with Gwen after she says that he was named after Zuma beach in California if he was conceived on the beach…yikes! She wanted a quirky name for him…and she got it!

Am I the only one bothered when radio stations start playing Gwen solo stuff before/after/during her interviews?

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