New Gwen Interviews From NYFW


Gwen chatted with Harper’s Bazaar on her return to NYFW, the latest Spring collection from L.A.M.B. and how she balances music and designing.

She says that she was super excited to be back in New York for Fashion Week and finds it challenging focusing on both music and designing for her brands at the same time. Gwen mentions both school schedules and writing Push and Shove kept her away from attending presentations over the last couple of years. Gwen admits that she put a lot of effort into her latest collection and says that it clearly represents her at this present time. “Everything just feels so in bloom, and I think the collection really reflects that.”

Gwen calls herself the ideal L.A.M.B. girl and says that this collection was based on essentials for everyday wear. She says that her style has evolved much over the years due to maturing and body changes. Gwen says that she always gravitates towards the same things including black and whites and culture clashing pieces. She loves wearing dresses for her husband, but always finds herself in jumpsuits and drop-crotch pants, especially in the spring.

When it comes to fashion and music, Gwen finds herself a “people pleaser” and admits she craves attention. “[On L.A.M.B.] I want people to like it, I want them to buy it, I want them to wear it. I want them to enjoy it and feel how I feel when I’m wearing it.” Gwen says that she takes pride in her collection because she was never properly trained in fashion and design.

Gwen admits that she didn’t have any time to check out other shows at Fashion Week this year but says that she was spending the rest of her night in the studio with Pharrell Williams writing new music.

Gwen says that she’s having so much fun on The Voice and is really enjoying it because she’s never been on TV before and it’s a new experience. She admits that she’s never thought of doing a reality show in the past. Gwen says that shows like The Voice are the way the music industry is today and finds it interesting to be involved.

Gwen is finding herself in another “pink phase”, which she says happens in different transitioning parts of her life. After just having her final baby, Apollo, she says is happens when she goes into “a new chapter” (i.e. turning 30 during the Return of Saturn era, getting married in her pink wedding dress, and now having Apollo).


Gwen also spoke with Elle about some of her past fashion influences (including Maria von Trapp from the Sound of Music), letting go of her looks from yesteryear and bringing her own sense of style to The Voice.

She recalls some of her past fashion statements (the bindi, old Hollywood, the pink hair) and says that they were all fun. Gwen says that she loves change but admits that it can be hard.

Gwen really made it a huge priority to get back into fashion after working on the last new No Doubt album. She says that she wanted to make L.A.M.B. “feel alive again” and says she put a lot of energy into the Spring 2015 collection. She calls it “the New Nomad” and represents a heavy “boho” feeling with bright colors. Gwen shared that she will be rocking a lot of L.A.M.B. for the upcoming Voice season and says she’s been to a lot of fittings to get everything just right. “It takes a lot of work to make things look right and fit right, and because of The Voice, it has to look good sitting down! And getting up! And, you know, spinning in the chair!”

Gwen says shes the wrong person to come to about relationship advice but says “yes, listen to me” when it comes to fashion.

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