New Gwen for Gx Photo Featured On

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Check out another stunning photo of Gwen posing with her brand new gx line which is featured on the homepage of Click here to see more photos from the campaign.

7 Replies to “New Gwen for Gx Photo Featured On”

  1. I highly recommend that my fellow NDers don’t buy from that website. They are a bunch of crooks and the bags are of poor quality. It’s been nearly 4 weeks and I’m still wanting for my refund after many calls and emails to them. I wish Gwen hadn’t sold her name to them!

    1. Yikes! I’ve heard several similar accounts like yours all over the place. There has been nothing yet that has really interested me so I haven’t given in yet to the site. A couple of the bags are cute but I heard the quality of them is pretty hit or miss. Bummer! I hope you get your money back soon though. That sounds ridiculous.

  2. Um. I’ve never had a problem buying items online before this, so I don’t know what your point is? That particular website is absolutely awful.

  3. I’ve heard of other people saying the same thing. I was going to buy one of the bags, buy after looking closely, I decided not to. Thanks for confirming my suspicions Amanda!

  4. Yeah I wish someone had told me before I bought one which is why I said something. The bag I ordered had glue and scratch marks on it and I’ve been fighting to get my money back ever since. I’m going to call them again tomorrow to yell at them some more. Ugh.

  5. I just bought 2 bags. Complete Junk, glue everywhere, long strands of thread, zipper that will only open half way, and scratches on the fake leather. I cannot believe Gwen would put her name on something like this, even if it is hidden on the inside of the bag. Go pick up any purse at Walmart and it will be better quality than Shoe-un-dazzle.

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