New DVD Captures From The Aviator; Behind-The Scenes

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Today I added over 120 screen captures from The Aviator DVD, including Gwen’s debut scene of her as Jean Harlow attending the “Hell’s Angels” movie premiere. I also went through all the special features and added a bunch of behind-the-scenes photos, including Gwen and Leonardo DiCaprio practicing getting her out of the car, walking to the theater, and Gwen getting her makeup and hair touched up. She looks so glamorous!

This movie was filmed in early 2004, and Gwen’s shots were filmed in Toronto, Canada over a span of two days.

Also, you might notice the gallery will have a new look in the next couple days. We finally got a layout setup for it, and it will look fabulous. I am also working on getting it more organized, which seems like more of a up-hill battle due to how many images we actually have. It’s a long process, but I am already seeing the benefits. Right now I am working on getting the misc. section broken up into seperate sections such as landmarks, backstage passes, etc. Also, the movies section will be revamped (starting with the new Aviator captures), but TV shows will be redone with tons of new captures from my own TV show rips (which hopefully I can get online soon, too!) Thanks again to everyone for the never-ending patience.

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