New Details Revealed for ‘This Is What the Truth Feels Like’

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Photo courtesy of iTunes
Photo courtesy of iTunes

New details for Gwen’s upcoming album This Is What the Truth Feels Like have been shared including song time durations and a collaboration with rapper Fetty Wap to look forward to on “Asking 4 It” (or “Asking For It”).

The album is listed on Amazon which features the standard edition and a short new editorial review calling out tracks “Make Me Like You”, “Misery”, “Truth” and “Used To Love You” as highlights. They also mention star producers that Gwen teamed up with for the record including Mattman & Robin, Greg Kurstin, JR Rotem and Stargate (whom is rumored to have worked with Gwen and Fetty Wap on “Asking 4 It”.) No song runs over 4 minutes on the album and the international/bonus track information have been listed on iTunes.

We’re officially two weeks away from the release of This Is What the Truth Feels Like and fans that had pre-ordered the album should expect a new song digitally from the album next Friday! Though it has yet to be revealed which song fans will receive, it’s expected that “Misery” will be shared on March 11 (which has not been confirmed as the next single).

Everyone is anticipating Gwen’s album to be a smash and Interscope shared that their expectations have already been exceeded in the pre-sales alone.

Below are the song titles and times confirmed for all domestic and international releases:

1. Misery (3:26)
2. You’re My Favorite (2:56)
3. Where Would I Be (3:18)
4. Make Me Like You (3:36)
5. Truth (3:34)
6. Used To Love You (3:47)
7. Send Me A Picture (3:35)
8. Red Flag (3:20)
9. Asking 4 It (feat. Fetty Wap) (3:30)
10. Naughty (3:07)
11. Me Without You (3:33)
12. Rare (3:55)
13. Rocket Ship (3:08) Target/International bonus track
14. Getting Warmer (3:24) Target/International bonus track
15. Obsessed (3:36) Target/International bonus track
16. Splash (3:50) Target/International bonus track
17. Lovable (3:18) International bonus track
18. War Paint (3:49) Japan only track

23 Replies to “New Details Revealed for ‘This Is What the Truth Feels Like’”

  1. Still don’t know what to think of Fetty Wap. It can go both ways. I hope it’s a great collab. though.

  2. I would prefer Kendrick Lamar or The Weeknd but this is so excited. Only two weeks to listen new music!

  3. Whoa, “Trap Queen” is an amazing song. Excited for the new collab. I can’t wait to hear the songs.

      1. “Trap Queen” is the only song I like from him, and I think that a collaboration with a good production could be fine.

      2. Why do you put music between quotation marks? That’s a tad narrow-minded. Plus Gwen has done that “type of “music”” multiple times.

  4. I’m a HUGE hip hop fan so to hear a rapper is on a song excites me… But choosing Fetty wap,the choice sucks… Not that I don’t like him but we still don’t know if he’s going to be a flash in the pan. His career is great right now but years from now this can look like the slim thug collab

  5. Yeah whatever happened to Slim Thug? His career kinda went downhill after he worked with Gwen lol.

  6. its really annoying that the picture for this link isn’t included with the actual story. and i can’t save the damn picture either.

  7. I am still hoping for Start a War… I will keep waiting. Such a beautiful song & I stopped recording because I wanted to listen & wow… should’ve kept recording. Didn’t realize it was going to be a one time thing.

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