Charity Auction Gives Hints To New Producer Band Is Working With

Thank you to ‏@whereveryouare for sending us in a link to another charitable auction hosted by featuring signed headphones from Gwen, which looks like from the band’s most recent studio session on Monday.

While of course we’re so happy to see another charitable auction in the band’s name, but it seems like the listing gave us some hints as to what and whom the band was working with in the studio recently. The description said that the band was in the studio working on a “new song” with Swedish song writer and producer, Shellback. Interesting! We’re really curious about what this new music is for… just new material? Push and Shove re-release? New album? We’re so intrigued! And thrilled!

After doing some research, Shellback has worked with Britney Spears, P!nk, Carrie Underwood and most recently One Direction and Maroon 5 (“One More Night”).

If you’re interested in the Swedish auction, it’s up for another two days and is currently up to 4150 kr. Good luck to those that bid! All proceeds go to the Music Aide foundation.

Swedish music producer and songwriter Shellback has recently been in the studio with No Doubt and recorded a song. Now you can bid on headphones that Gwen Stefani used in the filming and she has also been signed.

It is a pair of Audio-Technica ATH-M50

Help us in the fight to children in slums have the right to clean water

Music Aid is a fundraising event organized in collaboration with the Swedish Radio, SVT and Radiohjälpen. Under the theme of ” the children of the slums have a right to clean water – Your Music Saves Lives “starts Musikhjälpen this year a gathering Radiohjälpen collection account 90 1950-6.

Between 10 and 16 december you can participate in Musikhjälpens auctions and contribute to the collection of the children in the slums have a right to clean water . Here you can find exclusive gifts from famous artists and companies, all with a starting price of SEK 1.

The item will be sent to the auction winner once the auction is completed and the money is deposited into Radiohjälpen account. Mark the payment with MH (Musikhjälpen) and the auction sale nine-digit number to pg 90 1950-6

More ways to donate contributions can be found at Musikhjä

Thank you for your involvement!

27 Replies to “Charity Auction Gives Hints To New Producer Band Is Working With”

  1. Wow they’re obviously planning on coming back hard next year with some serious smash hit! I am really excited about all this, but at the same time I am a little nervous… I hope they know what they are doing and I hope Shellback manages to make ND sound like ND.

  2. I am sorry but ND already made a pop record, there new one ofcoarse, and nd makes albums sound different each time, I was hoping more rock influenced

  3. Yeah Luke, I kind of agree. There are so many good producers out there making amazing music, and they are working with this guy? I guess they want a “hit” really bad. Hope this turns out good!

  4. YES!!!! I hope they bring DIPLO to collaborate with SHELLBACK.

    And some MAJOR LAZER!!!!!!!!!
    SWICH and JOHN HILL also!!!!!!!!!

    I wanna listen more raggae/ska/dancehall infused records.
    Swich and John Hill know how to make ska without compromising the song or making it too pop.

  5. He made “Time Machine” by Robyn, which is amazing, but also a lot of the “basic radio sound” hits from the past few years. . . Hopefully this song is a hit, but still uniquely No Doubt!

  6. And, though I agree it’s not my favorite choice of producer BY FAR,

    1) I hope they get a big hit so they can keep making tons of records for us fans!


    2) I’m kind of confused why everyone acts like P&S is the only album No Doubt made pop music on. Does nobody consider that most of Rock Steady was totally pop? William Orbit, who has produced like 20 Madonna songs, produced the song “Making Out.”

    Don’t Let Me Down, Hey Baby, Hellagood, Detective, etc. were all also extremely pop influenced. Thier cover of It’s My Life from the Singles Collection was also really pop, even though it was a cover of a new wave song. I think everyone is too harsh on them for incorporating pop on P&S, because for the most part, P&S sounds different than everything on the radio while still sounding really modern and pop.

    1. Rocksteady isn’t super pop actually, it is very reggae, dancehall infuenced, the name “rocksteady” is actually a reggae genre, hella good is a bit of a rock song

  7. Making Out is totally pop. Don’t Let Me Down is pop. Rock Steady is not a hardcore reggae or dancehall album by far, but rather a pop album influenced by those things. Hella Good does have a rock edge to it, but it’s chorus is still totally pop.

    And I’m not saying this because I want them to work with Shellback, but just saying that they’ve incorporated a lot of pop into their music. Compared to their previous albums, Rock Steady had a very poppy sound. I’m just saying they’ve been adding this for awhile and it’s not new on P&S. Like I said, William Orbit produced a song on Rock Steady. . . He has also produced songs from multiple Madonna albums. It doesn’t get more pop than Madonna.

  8. Also,

    “Tom: ‘That was another attempt for us to do something different, and there’s certainly nothing dancehall, reggae about ‘Hella Good.’ It was a beat that The Neptunes had, and Pharrell and Gwen—we got in the studio together and they wrote that chorus together in like, half and hour. It came together really quick, and I agree—that song is like nothing else we’ve ever done.’


    Rock Steady also saw producers like Pharrell from the Neptunes. . . There was definitely a pop side to it.

    1. I didn’t say anything about Hella good being reggae, if rocksteady wasn’t a reggae dancehall album why did they work with lady saw? They went to jamaica! They have a documentry about their trip and they SAID that it was reggae and dancehall influenced!

  9. I agree it was totally influenced by reggae and dancehall, and Lady Saw is obviously a huge figure in dancehall. What I’m saying is that it’s a pop-rock album with a lot of reggae and dancehall influences. . . But hardcore reggae fans would not count this as a reggae album, because it sounds way too pop.

    And I’m not trying to be a jerk or have hard feelings man, just discussing the music since we’re all ND fans here. 🙂

    1. Basicly what I was trying to put into words is that push and shove was almost 100 percent pop, nothing else, while rocksteady expanded in genres such as reggae and dancehall and we don’t need another 100 percent pop album again, since nd is always bringing something new to the table

  10. Push and Shove is a bad example of pop. The album really does not fit into any genre. This is why the album did not do well because fans couldn’t connect. You had bits of pieces of everything but it wasnt enough to distinguish a specific sound. ‘

    Rock Steady is an album that is COHESIVE. It has the different pop, dancehall and electronic sounds but they are produced RIGHT so the songs really can stand alone.

    Shellback helped coproduce Britney Spears “3” which is freakin amazing. The bass is sick. “Time Machine” is electronic pop too. I can not wait. I smell a hit.

  11. I’m biased because I’m more of a rock/alternative listener, so I’d love to hear music more like TK/ROS rather than RS and push&shove. Plus, when they perform, they do rock so well– just the attitude and energy they have doesn’t seem to mesh as well with pop songs, so I sorta wonder why they seem to want to make more pop music. Either way, always happy to have some new No Doubt!

    1. Yeah I do hope they do more rock stuff like from tragic kingdom to return of saturn, they even did rock on their debut album “Big city train”

  12. I love it when they collaborate with other writers, but I hope the mixing and production is minimal. They definitely got it right with “Don’t Let Me Down,” “Underneath It All,” and “Push and Shove,” but tracks like “Hella Good” and “Looking Hot” sounded a billion times better live. I have no doubt (no pun intended) that the song will be catchy as hell — I just hope they record it as a band. The one thing I disliked about Rock Steady were the endless loops and synths. I love synths, but not when they replace a member of a band. On Push & Shove, the live instruments were so refreshing, but the switching back and forth from synth beats to live drums and synth bass to live bass was distracting, and didn’t translate well live. All they need is a mixer who can capture their live essence…leave the natural reverb on the drums so they don’t sound like a drum machine, use reverb on Gwen’s voice (flangers/auto-tune/doubling unnecessary), make sure the guitars are crunchy, and the bass is tight. The mixer will make sure the vocals pop. The dude who usually mixes Shellback’s stuff, Serban, is actually really good at making live instruments pop out, too. He knows how to make a polished song without overproducing. With a few exceptions, Spike has always made the guys either sound like they weren’t there, or were just an ordinary back-up band. Tom’s solos are just as catchy as most of their choruses, Tony’s bass-playing is totally identifiable and rad, and Adrian is a monster on the drums…and you still hear that in their live performances. Spike can’t capture that. He may be a great friend, and a seasoned producer/mixer, but he just doesn’t capture “them.”

  13. David K is 100% right, hope they stay away from the over produced glossy-pop sound.

    I don’t like to see ND compared to Katy Perry nor Ke$ha. 🙁

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