Article Reveals Solo Songs Rejected By Gwen


In a new article that showcases songs that were originally intended for different artists, it’s been revealed that both Paris Hilton’s reggae track “Stars Are Blind” and Fergie’s smash hit “Glamorous” (which sounds like a a take on Gwen’s “Luxurious” anyway) were originally presented to Gwen during her solo times, but she ended up turning both down. Interesting!

On “Stars Are Blind”, many fans (including myself) thought it sounded like a song for Gwen, so it makes perfect sense. Producer of Hilton’s version, Fernando Garibay, confirmed that it was for Gwen during the The Sweet Escape writing and recording sessions.

And though Fergie had a hand in the writing credits for her 2007 single “Glamourous”, the article also says the orginal song and idea was presented to Gwen and she had rejected the song, more than likely for The Sweet Escape.

Refinery 29 — And if you ever thought that Paris Hilton’s breezy “Stars Are Blind” sounded uncannily like a Gwen Stefani ripoff, that’s no accident. Producer Fernando Garibay has confirmed it was in fact originally intended for the No Doubt singer’s solo sessions. And Fergie’s vaporous hit, “Glamorous,” is also a Stefani reject (we can see why).

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    1. Travis, I remember hearing about that and thinking that myself (I’m also a huge UB40 fan). I read on the Wikipedia for “Stars Are Blind” that the band denied it but you can hear similarities for sure.

      “In June 2007 the copyright holders of the 1970 song “Kingston Town”, Sparta Florida Music Group, started legal action against Hilton and Warner Chappell Music for plagiarism due to alleged similarities between “Stars Are Blind” and “Kingston Town”.[7][8] The two songs use the same chord progression in the verses. It has wrongly been ascribed that UB40 was the suing party, but that has been denied by the band themselves on their website.[9]”

  1. Well, that “Glamorous” was offered to Gwen is super old information, but I had no idea about “Stars are blind”. I have to say that I’m glad she rejected it. It’s a cute song, but it’s trying too hard to sound Gwen-ish/ND-ish. It was a moderate hit for Paris and it probably would’ve been a huge hit for Gwen, but I don’t really see her singing it.

  2. wow, gwen why did u do that… it could have been a wonderful oportunity.. such song r for u gwen… why so vain… and of course glamours is a gwen’s son eventhough the video

  3. Yeah, if I remember correctly Glamorous (the music and the rap from Ludacris) were originally offered to the label as the remix version of “Luxurious.” But the label turned it down and went with the Slim Thug remix, and Fergie got it after that. Honestly I think Fergie seemed like she was trying to copy Gwen in a lot of ways during that time, so it’s kind of funny she got the song after her.

  4. all of fergie is a copy of gwen. gwen told fergie all about her plans to go solo back when the b.e.p. opened for no doubt and shes been trying to rip her off since. Thats who i think the lyric “go to kinko’s and xerox me” is about.

  5. I saw BEP when they opened for No Doubt in 2000 on the Return of Saturn Tour and Fergie was not in the group. I personally liked BEPs performance back then better than their later shows. I remember watching members of BEP stage dive into the mosh pit and doing crazy break dancing but they watered things down after they got popular.

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