“Spark The Fire” Available On Dec. 1


NBC have released a press release in regards to Gwen’s upcoming live performance of “Spark The Fire” on The Voice next Monday as well as a release date for the single. Gwen’s new song will also be hitting digital retailers (including iTunes, Google Play and Amazon) on December 1 according to the article. There is still no word on when the music video will debut but Ellen DeGeneres hinted as to it being released sometime this week (or possibly next Monday to coincide with the single’s release).

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  1. I see there strategy…they are waiting to release it then because gwen will perform it that night and the song should blow up on itunes. I dont think the song leaking will affect the performance. I have much more confidence in STF than I did in BDL

  2. Agree. It’s a much stronger single choice. I think the real test is radio spins. The teen demo has to respond to it and I would argue that isn’t The Voice’s core audience. It really needs radio love.

  3. I guess STF will be sent to radios next Monday so maybe that’s why the song will only be available on iTunes next week. If it was available today it wouldn’t have a decent debut on Billboard’s Hot 100, I think. I hope the performance will give it a boost on the 1st week.

  4. Okay, don’t shoot me but here I have a dream list of producers that I think Gwen should hook up with before finishing up the album:

    – Hit-boy – this guy is limitless and he produced Kendrick Lamar’s album, who Gwen expressed will to collab with!! he also does island flavored tunes with sass https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Y7mVL78-3j8
    – DIPLO, DIPLO, DIPLO – paperplanes, bucky done gun, M.I.A., ‘nuff said
    – Boots + Caroline Polachek (from Chairlift) – it sounds sparse but full of attitude and really “bassey” at times, the perfect beat for Gwen’s voice. This is the contemporary sh*t, it wouldn’t be considered copying cuz nobody does it like Gwen https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=d7PPjEB2QZQ and https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=98XRKr19jIE
    – Mike Will Made It – (don’t shoot me) I think, melodically, this guy would understand Gwen, despite Miley haha https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LrUvu1mlWco
    – and of course more PHARRELL

    The point is a song like BDL, as pleasant as that song is, is catered to the radio, it doesn’t sound contemporary, it doesn’t sound 2014/2015. Therefore, there’s no new ground to explore with that kind of song.

    I would be the happiest boy alive if Gwen read this.

    1. Yes… Interscope seems to have withdrawn from this whole project. STF doesn’t even have a radio adds date… I’m worried. Gwen’s performance on The Voice and the Fiat ad will probably be the only promo this single is getting, so this will really be hit or miss.

  5. I just figured, the Fiat ad may be related to that report about Pharrell teaming Gwen up with big brands, do you guys remember that?

  6. Guys, relax. I’m sure Gwen will be performing the song on other TV shows after debuting it on The Voice. Even Ellen said she wished they were performing it on her show. But obviously Gwen is under a contract to perform it for the 1st time on The Voice. I think we should be more optimistic. There’s no point in keeping on repeating the same dilemas and drama. Let’s hope for the best.

  7. Yeah it’s good to be optimistic, but even you have to admit that the whole BDL thing was handled very strangely, and I don’t think it’s crazy or negative to point that out. I’m SO thankful to be getting new music, but I’m weary of how it’s being handled. It’s almost like NBC is her management. I guess we will have to see what happens with STF.

  8. I agree that the way they handled BDL was very odd. Even if it was only single to generate some buzz on her coming back, other makerting strategies needed to be put in place to sustain it, releasing a single, having the exposure on The Voice and still keeping mum about it, it’s not a smart strategy and anyone that works with advertising and marketing would confirm that it’s not enough. But STF is getting the proper treatment and will be the single that will sell the comeback idea.

  9. I really hope STF does very well on the charts. I’m praying for it to be a Top 10 hit.
    I’ve read that Rihanna is about to drop her new single. It’ll be very hard to compete especially when you have all those “monster” artists releasing music. Their fans will eat up anything and put them in the spotlight.
    I hope Gwen has a few performances scheduled next month. It would be amazing if she did a little acoustic concert with her solo hits for Kroq Almost Acoustic Christmas.

  10. Yeah I hope they have a long term plan for STF. It’s not enough to release the song, perform on The Voice and release the video all in the first week. They have to think about the 2nd week too. And the 3rd and all the other weeks to come. Throwing it all out in the first week doesn’t work. They made the same mistake with BDL and SD. It’s really no that easy, especially not for an artist that’s trying to come back after many years. The performance on The Voice and of course the fans should be enough to boost STF into the top 10 on iTunes, but that doesn’t mean anything for the Billboard charts. Promo has to be stable and steady this time.

  11. I hope she will have a hit song too, but my expectations are low. Realistically, she’s 45 and hasn’t had a hit in years. Look at the Hot 100 and tell me how many women over 40 are on it. Yeah, it’s sad. It’s going to be tough and she will have to do a lot of promotion. We will see how bad she wants it! And if she doesn’t want success and just wants to have some fun, that’s fine too.

  12. ^ Unless you have a song called “Booty” and you rub your bum against Iggy Azalea’s lol Her song peaked #18 on the Hot100. I’m not “slut shaming” JLo. I just think there’s an age for everything.
    Tbh I’d rather Gwen has a top 40 hit than trying to be a young girl and flash too much skin just to sell a few more singles. We know she still has the body for that but obviously she won’t need it.

  13. I don’t want Gwen to make try-hard moves like that and that’s not what I meant by promotion. It’s not even working that great for J.Lo because her ample rear is hovering around 94 on the Hot 100 LOL

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