“My Heart Is Open” Available Now (Updated with Lyrics)

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Fans can now purchase Gwen’s latest collaboration with Maroon 5, “My Heart Is Open”, today! The band’s new album, V, was released domestically and the song (which seemed to take over the internet last week) is already receiving rave reviews from almost everyone.

“My Heart Is Open” was co-written with Sia, Rodney “Darkchild” Jerkins and Andre Lindal and is the final track on the standard edition of the album.

The song does have hit potential and radio stations are already praising the gorgeous ballad. Fingers crossed that its released as a single and congratulations to Gwen on another great collaboration!

Tell us below what you think of the song!

I know you’re scared I can feel it
It’s in the air I know you feel that too
But take a chance on me you won’t regret it (nooo)

One more no and I’ll believe you
I’ll walk away and I will leave you be
And that’s the last time you’ll say no say no to me

It won’t take me long to find another lover but I want you
I can’t spend another minute getting over loving you

You don’t have to say yeahhh
Let me hear ya say yeahhh
Wanna hear ya say yeahhh
Cause my heart is open
Now ya gotta say yeahhh
Let me hear ya say yeahhh
Wanna hear ya say yeahhh
Wanna hear ya say wanna hear ya say wanna hear ya say

Yes yes yes
Yes yes yes

It’s just a moment go and seize it
Don’t be afraid to give your heart to me
And if ya do I know that I won’t let ya down (nooo)

Ya so hand it over trust me with your love
I’ll do anything you want me to
Cause I can’t breathe until I see your face

Oh I don’t need time to find another lover but I want you
I can’t spend another minute getting over loving you

You don’t have to say yeahhh
Let me hear ya say yeahhh
Wanna hear ya say yeahhh
Cause my heart is open
Now ya gotta say yeahhh
Let me hear ya say yeahhh
Wanna hear ya say yeahhh
Wanna hear ya say wanna hear ya say wanna hear ya say

Yes yes yes
Yes yes yes

43 Replies to ““My Heart Is Open” Available Now (Updated with Lyrics)”

  1. It’s a 7/10 for me. I like the song and it will make an interesting hit, but that’s it. It’s not a memorable collaboration.

  2. 7/10… It’s missing a Gwen component in the lyrics..it’s probably bc she didn’t co-wrote the song. I dunno whenever I hear her there’s a certain type of characteristic that make it hers but the again, she is featured and not the main artist lol

  3. You guys nailed it. 7/10 for me, too. It’s a really pretty song but doesn’t blow me away. I love hearing Gwen’s voice and I feel she does make the song more enjoyable (but I also may be extremely bias). Its a nice surprise though!

  4. I’m sure this song will make an intense live performance. I’m really looking forward to it. If they release the song as single I have no idea what kind of theme they’re going. I hope it’s anything tacky like cuddling Adam or crying in the other room. Lol

  5. i ask me, if she will come back at the top of music so as to do independently ? Since several years, she spent a lot of time with her business and/or pleasure of fashion ?
    And she has three little children now !
    But maybe, she wants only keep a balance between hers goals ?
    However, it would be very fun that she produces more new music regularly like NoDoubt’s time.
    Wait and see !

  6. MHIO is a very good song but in V album there are better songs (maps, lost stars,..) so it’s not a good sign.
    MHIO is a little too sad for gwen stefani, she needs a song more rock and roll on the VOICE to be highlighted ?

  7. It’s pretty, but the lyrics are mediocre IMO It took 3 people to write all those yeahs? LOL I don’t think the song suits Gwen’s voice. I like it, but I was hoping for more. 6/10

    1. i agree with Amanda. MHIO makes some pleasure but not a song to take seriously for gwen stefani’s comeback

  8. Amanda, my thoughts exactly. Run the World (Girls) had 6 composers and Bohemian Rhapsody had only 1 and which song is better? I would give a 4/10, weak lyrics and melody. Some parts are extremely annoying to hear (to many “yes” word). I just don’t see it as a singe or making a impact on radio, since it lacks a wow factor to it.

  9. gwen must keep going to work hard if she wants really make a comeback at the world top. But has she again the time to make it ? otherwise it makes pleasure to hear her !

  10. I think an upbeat song would have been better as well. M5 and Gwen are known more for upbeat romantic tracks rather than ballads (except DS of course). Oh well, I will still enjoy it and purchase the track to support our girl.

  11. i don’t know if gwen realizes that adam comes on the Voice with a big album V, Pharell with Girl and her nothing ??? ok there is blake shelton without but … !

  12. I really like the song and for me it just keeps on getting better everytime I listen to it. It’s an unusual song for both Gwen and M5, but I’m glad that they didn’t go for some rather predictable reggae-ish pop-rock song. They both have enough of these in their catalogue already. I don’t care that Gwen didn’t write her own lyrics (she also had zero writing credit on “Let Me Blow Ya Mind” and “South Side”) and to be honest… you can hardly tell. Lyrically it could easily be a ND/Gwen song. I also think it’s really interesting to hear how Gwen Stefani sounds when teamed up with contemporary writers/producers .

    1. MHIO sounds similar to Undone. Personally I think the lyrics are far from mediocre. They’re actually meaningful and I can easily relate to them. Maybe that’s why I ended liking the song more than expected? I guess so.

  13. Everyone has different opinions on this one, that’s the true. It’s fair to say that it’s not a people pleaser from the get go. I listened to it a few times and still, it did not work for me. But to be honest, I was not expecting much, since I don’t like M5’s work at all.

    1. I totally agree w you Cynthia. I can’t stand Adam Levine. Didn’t he date Jessica Simpson? He’s like a player…why do I want to listen to this guy…ick!

  14. I’m glad the lyrics are meaningful to you, but a song with 40 “yeahs” in it is not something I do cartwheels over LOL

    And I do like “cheesy” ballads and I like Undone a lot and I even like this song, but at least be honest about the quality. To each their own!

  15. My mom texted me today; “Gwen Stefani will be on TV sept 22 on a show called the voice”
    Haha. She hasn’t informed me of Gwen related news since probably 1998. That shows how big the reach of this show is.
    As is being on a maroon 5 track. This band is hugely successful. I personally despise this song and wish i could unhear it BUT its putting Gwen back on the map. She’s re entering the pop world now where fame hunger trumps everything. Quality should not be part of our expectations. We shall see 🙂

  16. OMG…why would she do this song? This was an insult to her as a recording artist…Gwen Stefani is nobody’s “back up singer”.., the only part of this song I liked was her verse…

    I suppose this was done for the Voice; a rushed song to give her new material to perform….

    I don’t think she has any chemistry w Adam….so the song doesn’t work like a Tim & Faith; or Neil & Barbara …

    I would not only not buy it; you couldn’t give it to me for free; it’s depressing!

    She and Pharrell have the chemistry. That’s where the collaborations should be. Even Blake and Gwen have more tension between them w the ice bucket challenge.

    I give it a 1/10. It IS “Undone.” And that was beautiful and real.

    This is very contrived for ratings and sales and I am annoyed she even did it.

    And I support everything Gwen does.

    Ok. I feel better now. Carry on.

  17. Ok. The 2nd listen way way better. It’s growing on me. I suppose I am such a huge Gwen fan that I am annoyed that Adam is taking time away from listening to Gwen. Ohhhnh, it’s his album….still…he’s got other solo stuff in there…he couldn’t just let Gwen do the whole song herself!? Now THAT would’ve been the gentleman thing to do….


  18. I like it. It shows Gwen’s folksier side, which we haven’t gotten a chance to hear. I always thought Gwen could do a few Country songs, but being from L.A., it’s really not ‘her.’

    Ready for the Dance remix now! That could really emphasize Gwen’s part more.

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