MTV Loves Gwen’s New Commercial

MTV always have nothing but nice things to say about Gwen — and they are in love with her new Harajuku Mini commercial like us!

MTV Style — It seems like FOREVER since we last geeked out over the giant ball of cuteness that IS Gwen Stefani’s Harajuku Mini collection for Target! Her Japanese street style-inspired clothing line for babies, kids, and tweens is literally so adorable that we want to kidnap small children everywhere and IMMEDIATELY take them shopping. But then, we were hit with the motherload—the Harajuku Mini for Target COMMERCIAL. *gasp* Before pressing “play” we already took a deep breath and tried to brace ourselves for what lied ahead, but, yeah, none of that worked once the catchy tunes started and pixelated cheeseburgers started floating through the air. Yeah, you heard me, FLYING CHEESEBURGERS!

So basically, children in ‘dorbs Harajuku Mini for Target ensembles are in this live action video game where their outfits magically change with every action they do! First a girl clad in a straight-out-of-school plaid blazer and skirt ensemble appears and then changes into party-ready leopard dress with hot pink tights right before our eyes. The next girl starts off in black exposed-zipper skinnies and red crew neck graphic print sweater, but quickly switches to a punky plaid pants and tie ensemble. The next two boys sport hoodies with tons of pins on them and plaid pants, as well as a graphic tee with skinny black pants outfit. Our fave ensemble (seen above) is worn by an ADORABLE girl who flies around (with pixelated wings) in a polka dot fur collar coat that we wish we could buy ourselves. THEN, a child cuter than we can handle chases after a star in a plaid cabbie hat and bow tie, until BAM. Gwen appears. She sports the same blue and white ensemble she wore for the Harakjuku Mini shoot from before, and in a flash, it’s over.

Now we have to wait until Nov. 13 to see all the goods in person, but until then, we’re watching this commercial on repeat.

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