MTV: Gwen Should Design For The Alexander McQueen Brand

MTV — We must start this post off by saying that no one will ever replace the late Alexander McQueen — he certainly was a one-of-a-kind designer. Whoever takes over the creative reigns of the McQueen brand has a lot to live up to as Robert Polet, president and chief executive officer of the Gucci Group (the company that has a majority stake in the McQueen line), has announced that the line will in fact live on without the late designer.

So, with future McQueen collections needing a sharp mind to conceive them, we have decided to toss a few names into the ring of who we think might be cool to try their hand at designing for the label. We came up with seven perfect contenders. Why seven? Because McQueen was a unique rebel, so we decided to honor that trait.

Gwen Stefani

She’s a punk rocker. She loves plaid and leopard print. And we’re pretty sure that, like McQueen, she’s worn a kilt at some point in her life. Did we mention she’s a rock star? That seems like a lead qualification.

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