More Photos from ‘Truth’ Album Shoot with Jamie Nelson (Updated)

Photographer Jamie Nelson has shared a couple of more unreleased photos from Gwen’s recent album shoot for This Is What the Truth Feels Like. The first photo Gwen has been featuring on tour grab including meet-and-greet passes and posters.

Makeup artist Gregory Arlt shared that unseen photos from the shoot would be making it into artwork for a future single.

3 Replies to “More Photos from ‘Truth’ Album Shoot with Jamie Nelson (Updated)”

  1. This could mean Gwen closes this era with Misery. Since Jamie Nelson got the green card to reveal the photos. I’m fine with that, Misery is on my top 3 of TIWTTFL 🙂

  2. Still waiting for a full body shot of that second outfit! It looks so cool in the glimpses we’ve seen.

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