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This week, No Doubt comes to Rock Band/Rock Band 2 in the form of the full album The Singles 1992-2003. This is good news for a couple reasons. First, Rock Band has been in desperate need of more songs sung by female vocalists, and Gwen Stefani fits the bill perfectly. She’s still a rock singer, but her style is accessible enough to appeal to a broad base of pop fans.

Second, No Doubt is a great band. From Tragic Kingdom to Rock Steady, the ska/punk/pop (and later electro-rock) group is versatile, innovative and always catchy. If you’ve got the cash and you’re a fan of the band, you can’t go wrong with The Singles at 1,600 Microsoft Points ($19.99). And if you just have a few favorites, you can cherry-pick them from the list at 160 MSP ($1.99) a pop. The tracks will be available Dec. 9 on Xbox 360 and Dec. 11 on PS3.

Here are a couple breakdowns for each song, you can see all of them at the source:

Hella Good

Price: 160 Microsoft Points ($1.99)

Difficulty: Band 2 | Guitar 1 | Drum 2 | Vocals 0 | Bass 4

Our Take: I’m really torn on “Hella Good.” On one hand, it’s an awesome dance track that took No Doubt’s sound in a totally different direction and is a blast to play in Rock Band. On the other, I hate the adjective “hella,” and I partially credit No Doubt with making it popular. But it’s a credit to how good a song “Hella Good” is that I recommend it for download anyway. But not without a warning – the guitar and vocals get really boring toward the end. Drummers and bassists will rock out.

Verdict: Definitely download.

Just a Girl

Price: 160 Microsoft Points ($1.99)

Difficulty: Band 1 | Guitar 2 | Drum 3 | Vocals 1 | Bass 1

Our Take: Gwen Stefani’s feminist manifesto is a no-brainer of a download for Rock Band and possibly the band’s most recognizable song. While not particularly challenging, “Just a Girl” is fun to play, especially on guitar and bass, and it’s sure to get the ladies fired up.

Verdict: Must download.

All of them at the source here!

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