More New Radio Interviews with Gwen (Updated)


We’ve added highlights and links to the radio interviews that aired around the country this morning.

Gwen has been appearing on radio shows all over the country to promote “Used To Love You” and The Voice. These recent batch of interviews has had Gwen showing her vulnerable side and she has been opening up about her recent separation from Gavin Rossdale and the inspiration behind her new material that she has been writing.

Some of these interviews have also been a little cringe worthy to listen to due to the never-ending questions about her relationship with Blake Shelton and her understandable unwillingness to discuss it.

REAL 92.3 FM

She stopped by the REAL 92.3 studios last Monday and appeared on Big Boy’s morning show to talk about The Voice. He had her cracking up almost the whole time and it’s a pretty fun interview!


Dave and Jimmy

Gwen called into Dave and Jimmy this morning and while the interview started off great… it turned extremely awkward at the end. Gwen described her different hats while balancing being a mother and a rock star full time. She said it was incredible this past summer while playing on the weekend with No Doubt and coming home to her children Monday-Friday. She feels extremely blessed to have had been on the journey she’s been and still be releasing new music.

The interview became uncomfortable for everyone when the news of herself and Blake was brought up. She acknowledged how she’s been all over the media outlets with all of the rumors and said it doesn’t bother her as many may think. When Gwen was asked point blank whether they were an item or not, she said she didn’t want to answer and the phone interview was then abruptly over.


The Bert Show

Gwen says that she has no regrets about releasing “Used To Love You” and said that she didn’t feel like she couldn’t release other songs due to their angry nature. She feels like the new single is about forgiveness and acceptance and finds comfort knowing that it’s touched so many people. She confirms again that even though the divorce may seem fresh to everybody, she stresses there have been issues for quite some time, pointing out a major event this past February.

Now, Gwen says that she feels “really clear” and is living her life in the moment.


Mix 104.1

This morning, we’re hearing that her latest interview with Boston’s Mix 104.1 was unfortunately mostly centered about her new relationship status with fellow Voice coach Blake Shelton. The interview did have a few uncomfortable moments and the DJs didn’t want to let up on Gwen about Blake and caught her off guard. Gwen once again confirmed that she had no idea a “rep” came out and confirmed the relationship and called the whole statement “embarrassing.” When asked about the country ballad rumors, Gwen said, “…that, I cannot answer. But what I will say is, I can’t believe how we live in a time where.. like, the internet is crazy! Anyone can just say anything, and it can become reality.”

She didn’t have time to talk much about her new music but she stressed how inspired she still is and says, “if I wasn’t on the phone with you and I wasn’t on a school run, I would be at the studio right now.” Gwen says that she still doesn’t have a release date for the album and didn’t mention anything about No Doubt recording new music either.

Being back on The Voice has put Gwen in a “new creative place” and credits being around such amazing people makes her feel ready to move on to a new chapter of her life. She said it’s an incredible feeling to be placed around certain people that have helped her through her “tough times” such as Pharrell Williams and Blake Shelton.

You can listen to the full interview here courtesy of Mix 104.1.


Power 96.1

Sadly, the majority of this interview is the DJs going back and forth with Gwen trying to pry information from her about her Blake and those “country ballad” rumors. Gwen does confirm that she’s not writing any country music at the moment and didn’t want to discuss “the B subject.”

Gwen was asked what her plans for Thanksgiving were and says that her family typically goes all-out for the holidays. She says she plans on cooking more this year since her former husband did the majority in past years.


The Kidd Kraddick Morning Show

Gwen asked if ever gets old hearing herself on the radio, she says that it never will. Her kids have been so supportive with “Used To Love You” and we’re freaking out alongside her when it was released and watched like the rest of us while it climbed on iTunes.

On going back into the studio, Gwen feels like it’s a source of release and joy for her during the “unexpected trauma” in her life. She finds writing to be a “silver lining” in her life and still finds validation in herself with her songwriting. She finds comfort in knowing her new single touches people.

Gwen addressed all the rumors going around and says that “people make up stuff” (referring to her “representative” confirming her and Blake’s relationship status). She finds it funny seeing herself all over the magazines but doesn’t like it when her children come home and ask her questions about some of the crazy headlines.

The DJs emphasize how much to Gwen that they would like her to return to The Voice next season instead of Christina Aguilera. Gwen agrees and jokes around that we should all petition to have her back for season 10.


Mix 107.9

After not being able to write for so long, Gwen calls it an incredible gift being able to channel herself after many years of disappointment. She always found it “traumatizing” going into the studio due to “expectations” others had of her besides her own. Gwen felt her confidence come back after writing her first song with Rick Nowels and felt good “organizing” her feelings.

When asked whom she would turn around for on The Voice between her fellow coaches, Gwen said more than likely she would turn for Pharrell Williams because of his unique voice that she’s always been a fan of.

The DJ brings up Blake and she calls the whole situation “embarrassing”. Gwen calls him a great friend and says that everyone on the show has been so supportive of her.

You can listen to the full interview here courtesy of Mix 107.9.


103.7 KVIL

Gwen’s hyped-up interview with 103.7 KVIL aired this afternoon after clips have been surfacing over this past weekend. The interview itself is a little underwhelming and every single question seemed to be centered around Blake Shelton in one way or another.

When asked if Blake has been there for her, she says yes as well as many other people, including Pharrell Williams. She shares that he’s “said stuff to me that changed my life forever.”

Gwen says she’s gone out a lot more lately and is having a lot of fun.

You can listen to the full interview here courtesy of 103.7 KVIL.


Zach Sang


JoJo Wright (KIIS FM)

Gwen opened up more about her divorce and called it “unexpected”. “Everybody knows that my life blew up last February. I’d just been dealing with that. Unexpected. I was going along, thinking that was going to be the rest of my life, and it’s not. I don’t know what happened. There was one night, the epicenter of the whole thing — that’s the most I can say about that — and the next day I wrote the chorus to ‘Used to Love You’… but I didn’t know it was ‘Used to Love You.’ I just had written all this stuff and it had happened to be in there buried in a bunch of lyrics that I had written.”

She also says that her song that she had written with Rick Nowels, “You Don’t Know Me”, is more than likely not making the album.


Energy 103.7


Channel 93.3

In Gwen’s new interview with Channel’s 93.3, she continues to dance around the Blake Shelton dating rumors and said, “…this is what I’ll say about that: I never said nothin’ about being in a new relationship” in regards to the statement that a “rep” gave on her behalf. “I don’t know who said that but somebody did, and then my kid came in last night to tell me about it. That’s how crazy my life is. People can just say whatever they want and then they can just believe it. My truth is ‘Used to Love You,’ that’s the song. That’s what I said and I feel really fine about sharing that, and I feel honored to share it. But, I mean, all the other stuff is just craziness. I mean, literally craziness. Hilarious. Hilarious!”


Radio Disney

90 Replies to “More New Radio Interviews with Gwen (Updated)”

  1. it’s so gross how the press is clinging on the story, My God I’m so tired of hearing about Gwen and Blake (nothing against their relashionship btw), and reading the ridiculous fake headlines they create. agg. Specially since it’s leaving behind the amazing creative/spiritual process that Gwen it’s sharing with the public. I cannot wait to see this press crazyness end. Again very grateful to Gwen for being so honest, what an inspiration she is.

  2. She barely talked about the new music. They kept asking her questions about Blake and if she could ask him something, to know if he was next to her?! Really? The interviewers were a bit disrespectful imo.
    That said, I’m not here for future interviews if it’s gonna ball about Blake. Seriously.

    1. Yeah, I haven’t been able to listen to them due to being at work but I’ve heard most of them end awkwardly with questions about Blake.

  3. Jenny, what do you say about making a UTLY download event before the Billboard countdown (which is on Thursday, I think), just to keep up the momentum? With the lives happening today and everything, I think it’s a huge opportunity. 🙂

  4. She’s so annoyed about the Blake thing. Some of these people are plain rude. I get the interest but there are other ways to ask questions without being a complete moron.

  5. There’s a reason why host like Ryan Seacrest are so successful. They actually know how to act professional while still getting the details the fans want to hear.
    She did bring this on herself, but doesn’t take away from the fact these hosts just don’t know how to handle such a large celebrity

  6. Well now that it’s out there I don’t see why she can’t be direct and say they are together. Haven’t heard the interviews yet though

  7. More damage control I see… LOL I hate that music has become an after thought just because she decided to go on a few dates. These hosts think they are Oprah or something. However, her rep did say “no questions are off limits” so maybe she wants this attention? Weird.

    She really did look amazing in the Big Boy interview.

    I hate how her record company said her songs are “too” personal. They have no idea who her core fans are or what they want!

  8. Lol that was pretty bad with the cougaring question! Very awkward end of that interview.

    Having said that I think Gwen should just own up to it instead of getting so defensive. Why doesn’t she just say: ‘yes it’s true, (like you all know by now). It’s going well and we’re happy, and that’s all I am going to say about it’.

    The thing with the rep is just so odd. What kind of spokesperson speaks out of turn like that? Who gave him/her the instruction to say that? Either Gwen needs to get a new rep or she should just shrug it off and own up to it. I agree with her that it’s a strange thing to release such a statement and also unnecessary, but now that it’s out there just own up to it.

  9. I agree too. The whole can’t deny nor confirm game now after all the pictures is pointless. We’ll see how things roll the next few weeks.

  10. She seems like she has completely lost all control now. I agree with you guys that she should just say what everybody knows anyways. Did she really think she could attend the CMAs with Blake and not get asked questions about their relationship afterwards? And I am still not buying the story about her rep and the statements… I think she wanted the attention, but not this kind of attention. She probably underestimated the whole situation.

  11. I think you were right YYY…everyone will win in this scenario except for Gwen.

    I hate seeing this era turning into the Blake/Gwen show. I mean, I’m happy Gwen is having fun, getting laid, whatever, but what about UTLY?? She claimed the label thought it would be a big hit, but where is the support? I hope she has something up her sleeve because all this “publicity” for her new relationship hasn’t done jack to help her song.

  12. ^^^^i don’t know, if that nylon story is right I will NEVER feel/look at Gwen the same way ever again. Gwen has had a very successful 20++ career with nothing more than just her art. I know it’s part of the reason why I have loved and respected her all these years. I also think that’s why her public image has never gotten a single scratch on it and people respect her. Gwen is an artist to me 1st and celebrity 2nd. I really hope she isn’t turning Kardashian, I’d be crushed.

  13. I don’t think she lost control but obviously miscalculated the media attention. She used to be so passive, roll over and play dead, alway the silence is classy route and now she is so blunt about the details of her divorce of course the interest of her personal life went up. She understatement Blake’s popularity because let’s get real if she was with other C-D listed guy no one would care. I have a friend who works at one of magazines and the behind the scenes it’s CRAZY especially now that Gavin’s PR team is taking advantage of the situation.
    The good thing of all is that right now she’s a hot topic she has all the access she wants . Everyone wants a piece of her, the ball is on her court. She needs to adjust her strategy so let see how this show rolls. Its not even a week since the media lost their shit.

  14. Gavin does have his team talking, @jossy you’re totally right, today on tmz live they did a whole segment on “Gavin’s feelings”! Shame on him. His last claim to fame was being married to Gwen Stefani. Now that he’s not Mr. Gwen Stefani he’ll crawl right back to the hole bush was left in the 90s

    1. Worst part is that he’s playing dirty and selling the story he’s the better parent. People has an article how he’s still wearing his wedding ring because it makes the kids feel good. Out of the Gadner-Affleck playbook. His people are sending “exclusives” to all sites. I feel bad for Gwen but at the same time her fans finally get to see what a piece of shit he really is.

  15. I just listened to all of the interviews and in some of them I heard a man chime in and say nothing is off-limits I don’t know if the public was meant to hear that or if that’s something that is discussed behind the scenes . I could have sworn that one of the guys said ” “she’s bullshitting” right after she hung up . Did anyone else hear that

  16. Ok. Wait. On Jojo’s interview Gwen says the first song she wrote with Rick Nowels after the world blew on her face, You Don’t Know Me is probably not even gonna be on the record. WHAT???? “Too Personal”? Give me a break….

    The guy wrote my favourite song ever, You Get What You Give by New Radicals, this is bad news for me 🙁

  17. She’s looking goofy now… Maybe she underestimated how big the reaction would be? I think people underestimate country music, I mean I don’t listen to it but I know it’s fucking huge & Blake is probably the biggest country star in the world right now. To be honest hes even bigger than Gwen

    Gwen Stefani — I Never SAID I’m in a Relationship with Blake Shelton, But … (AUDIO)

  18. She acts pretty silly and stupid now imho. No offense, but the news has been out there for days… It is too late to be shy about it now. I hate to say it, but Gwen is not looking good in this whole situation…

  19. Like someone mentioned before, this is a PR mess, plain simple. Why her people allow for any thing to be off limits. Lot’s of artists do that, when setting up interviews, in advance interviewers are made aware of what they cannot and should ask. Enough with this Blake thing already. Music is getting lost in the middle of this whole thing. Come back to us Gwen, you used to be so drama/controversy free and we were all so very proud of that.

  20. I really don’t think it’s Gwen’s problem or she’s being defensive now. I also don’t understand why her rep said they could ask her any questions? Something isn’t right here. Is her rep being stupid or what? If that’s the case Gwen should fire him.

  21. Anyway dating is very different than being in a relationship. Why’d she even announce that? All this is so awkward. Next they’ll say she’s about to get married. LOL

  22. Well, The Voice ratings last night were the same as the week before so if this relationship was a PR ploy to get more viewers, it backfired. It hasn’t done a thing for Gwen’s single either. She needs to make up her mind on what she wants to get out of this Blake thing. If your rep says “no questions are off limits”, then answer the friggin question. If you don’t want to talk about it, then don’t release a statement about it LOL God, Gwen’s team just plain sucks. This era started off SO promising. I hope she can pull it together and do some really good promo performances in the next month or two.

  23. Yeah if this war really supposed to be some kind of promo, it didn’t help anyone. Especially not Gwen. Time to stop this circus and finally move on with promoting the single.

  24. @amanda g, the days of us getting “eras” from ND/Gwen are long gone 🙁

    I accepted it years ago, I think that’s why the concept of new music never excites me. At least they gave us some good ones! Lol

    It’s kinda sad too because I kinda saw it in Gwen wanting to introduce a “new era”—with those dumb black dyed tips and her 3 ‘come back’ singles… Oh ya and her wanting to draw attention to her personal life! Something completely new out of her 20++ year career! Lucky us! Lol

  25. This is definitely a mess now and completely overshadows her new song and the ‘grieving ex wife’ sentiment that went along with it. Gwen’s getting a lot of hate from country fans too I’ve noticed, albeit misplaced (claiming she’s a home wrecker). Not good 🙁

  26. After this she won’t even get a chance to win The Voice. (Not that she would win anyway…) Not many people will vote on her team because of this story.

  27. That said I think UTLY still has some chance, if she performs it on The Voice within the next 2 weeks and then at the AMAs. After that, they can really move on to the next single, cause this won’t go anywhere. Bad that the album isn’t on pre-order on iTunes. Even Adele and Coldplay’s albums are on pre-order.

  28. How things could go so terribly wrong is still beyond me… It was all there: The perfect radio song, the perfect background story to promote it, good reception from critics and fans… If her comeback was ever about to happen, it would’ve been now. I don’t think she’ll get another fair chance now. Even if she released a 2nd single soon-ish, people would still keep on talking about Blake.

  29. I’m gonna keep some thoughts to myself, cause I don’t think this is the place to insult Gavin. Besides we’re better than Miranda’s fans. Trying to keep it classy, but this is disgusting. Once a cheater…

  30. Omg, isn’t she the one from a picture of her and Gavin touching her from behind?? and after all this went viral….she ended up being Gavin’s little sister?? mmmmm

    1. That girl was the nanny. Not sure if Gwen’ s camp confirmed it was his sister or if it was a claim made by some fans, but that’s not Soraya Rossdale.

      1. If I remember right, the claim that the nanny was his sister was damage control from Gavin or Gwen’s camps. Only fans knew the truth.

  31. Gavin’s people are sending a press release that he’s worried about his kids because of the rumors, he’s a fantastic father, wants Gwen to be happy.. funny enough he didn’t deny he had a relationship with the nanny (We don’t need any more confirmation)

    He’s worse than Ben Affleck

  32. That’s the first article where I’ve seen the actual Nanny’s name. I guess it’s not a surprise at this point with the long list of other things he’s done during their relationship (Courtney, Marilyn, his daughter). I guess that’s why “lying” has been a song theme throughout Gwen’s relationship with him. I know he’s trying to sell to the press that Gwen and Blake hooked up before their marriages were over, but I say “U Started It” Gavin. What goes around comes around. Unless he hooks up with another popular star, he will fade away with the other 90’s alt. bands.

    1. I wonder if Gwen’s people are hitting back and leaking this info…

      What a creepy girl, but ultimately, it is Gavin’s fault. I feel the worst for their three boys though. Betrayed by adults they love and trust.

      1. It doesn’t matter if it’s Gwen who’s leaking this info. I’m glad it’s out there. At least people will think twice before pointing the finger at her cause she’s started dating Blake.
        About the pregnancy rumour, I don’t think it’s true, but hey what do I know.

        1. I’m sure her boys don’t appreciate that it’s “out there”. Their parents need to grow up if they are the ones leaking all this crap about each other.

          Who is pregnant? This is ridiculous.

          1. I thought you meant the Nanny. Well that takes the cake on how ridiculous this has gotten. Are they engaged yet?

            So insane.

  33. I know most fans try not to bash Gavin, but I don’t care, I’m not on a Bush fan site. I’ve never liked Gavin! He put a bad taste in my mouth when he publicly made fun/said he didn’t like gwens yellow bondage pants in the 90s! That was enough for me! LOL gwens QUEEN

  34. Honestly I highly doubt Gwen or Gavin would allow trash to be published about themselves and I doubt they would publish “damage control”. “Sources” are he said she said fodder from random people that don’t even know them. You can’t trust tabloids. Rarely do they publish a true story. Why would Gwen and Gavin allow themselves to willing publish fodder when they are worried about their three kids? That’s both their priority and don’t even try to say it’s not, especially Gavin, even if the rumors are true that has nothing to do with him being a Dad and his concern for his kids. I think it’s disgusting if he cheated, but I can’t fully put blame on him until it’s confirmed by his or Gwen’s mouths. As for Gwen, I’m kinda upset with her too, I loved Gwen for over 20 years and looked up to her greatly as a strong woman and fellow religious person. If she is having a spiritual awakening then allowing this press and dating a man while still married does not align with those morals. I think she’s rushing into all this too soon, she needs to be single and be with her kids, getting involved with men so soon is too risky for her, the kids, and her career. I want to best for her, but B is not it, especially with his terrible track record with women. Going with him is just repeating a cycle of choosing men who well, aren’t so genuine. His comments toward women and people in general are not classy, he’s gross and mysoginistic and that’s the last thing Gwen needs. I hope she ends up with a man who’s not famous or is behind the scenes like a filmmaker or a guy in a band who’s not the lead and doesn’t have a big head about himself, all this egomaniac celebrity obsessed men are too into themselves and where they can put their “manhood”. I don’t want Gwen to be used by these narcissists.

  35. Now I see why he agreed to settle for less than half of her fortune. Apparently Gwen has proof he cheated on her. Maybe Gwen knew before, but waited until she got some proof, cause they didn’t have a prenup.

  36. Ugh, poor Gwen. Is it really each others press playing war with each other? Or journalist just digging around?? I wonder if the media will be mentioning the Courtney Love drama, his secret love child and bisexual past. I hate that it is turning into a battle of the who is going to get the public’s sympathy. I mean in a few months the drama will move to the celebrity couple breaking up. Sad that Gwen is in that world where marriages have very short shelf lives. She is obviously a serial monogamist, and not to be cynical, but it will be hard for her to find a match in Hollywood.

  37. ^ I’m so excited for Gwen’s new album, but at the same time I want it all to be over soon. Glad she’s healing through music though.

  38. wow the story is everywhere not just gossip sites, its getting 1000% more attention than the Blake thing. Suddenly UTLY makes sense to the world lol

  39. It actually helped the song a bit on iTunes. It was #116 yesterday and now it’s #88. So excited for next week. It needs to enter the top 20 again.

  40. I guess the good thing about it, is the public feels for Gwen again after this nanny business was “revealed.”

    1. “He’s just all about being the best father he can be for them.” Yeah, banging the nanny is definitely being the best father!! I’m not buying the “lay low, wear my wedding ring and look solemn” game he’s playing LOL

      1. At this point I doubt there’s actually any inside sources. Every site is now recycling these stories with ‘click-bait’ headlines. I’d say that 70% is made up.

      2. No one buys it lol he’s an idiot. Everyone hates him lol The thing with Gavin is that ALWAYS his past shit catch up with him. His daughter, his male lover. Courtney Love, the nanny.. at this point you’ll think he learned the lesson.

        1. I read back in the day that he was seeing one of The Corrs’ girls and that’s why Gwen broke up with him in 1998/99, I think.

    1. At this point all those articles are ridiculous. It’s like the pregnancy report. It’s all for clicks. Not even going to lose my time reading. Next.

    1. I’m sure she will capitalize on it at some point and do a paid interview for a trashy tv show or magazine. Sigh.

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