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Last week we posted a feature from The Office’s Mindy Kaling, whom apparently is a huge fan of Gwen! She praised her attitude and style and loves her for always taking chances. She also mentions Gwen in her new book! Mindy spoke with Urban Outfitters about her style and new book, and once again, she has nothing but nice words to say about Gwen! Thanks Julie for sending us in the link!

Urban OutfittersWhat is your fashion motto?

“Wear whatever makes you feel hella good.” That’s kind of based off one of my favorite songs, “Hella Good” by No Doubt. My other fashion motto is, “What would Gwen Stefani do?” I don’t believe in timeless or elegant, they’re not adjectives that I find very interesting, and I don’t care about being able to take a picture of me now and have me fit in 50 years from now or from 50 years in the past, I don’t get why people think that’s an important quality. Trendy has a bad connotation now but I think that’s dumb. Why shouldn’t it be great that someone wants to try different things? I feel like in fashion, you’re often rewarded for being steady and classic and I just don’t get that all. So I love someone like Gwen Stefani, who even though she’s a mom and has two kids, she’s still rocking like, leopard print clogs and they look fabulous on her.

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