More Exclusive InStyle Scans Added

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Just wanted to mention that we picked up our copy of InStyle magazine this afternoon and scanned all the other Gwen related content that was in the magazine, including scans of the actual article itself for those who haven’t read it.

Who Gwen Stefani

Where Downtown Los Angeles

Who Knew The rock star went mad for the accessories we brought to the set: 83 pairs of shoes, 19 glove choices, and 18 designer hats

You asked, Gwen answered!

Do you remember the first time you were recognized?

“No Doubt played a show when I was in college [at California State University, Fullerton] and so many people came that the lawn was ripped up. They told us we could never play there again. I went to my class the next day and everyone was asking for my autograph. It was crazy!”

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