New Details On “My Heart Is Open” (Updated)

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A few more details and descriptions have been released by Maroon 5 on their official site about their upcoming collaboration with Gwen, “My Heart Is Open”. The highly anticipated track appears on the band’s new album, V, due out September 2.

The song is described as “emotionally raw and direct” and features “passionate and romantic” lyrics including “I don’t need another lover/I want you”. “My Heart Is Open” has been called a “heart-tugging piano ballad, building to a soaring chorus with subtle orchestration”. The details hint at a theme of yearning to keep a relationship together. Lead singer Adam Levine also called the song “beautiful” and “special” saying “it’s one of those songs that feel classic… it feels like a song that could have been out 15 years ago.”

Song writers are credited as: Levine, Levin, Sia Furler, Rodney Jerkins, Andre Lindal and clocks in at 3:57. “My Heart Is Open” appears as the last track on the album, followed by two B-sides.

Fans can now pre-order Maroon 5’s V on iTunes now here.

Maroon 5 — Meanwhile, it’s become a M5 tradition to feature a collaboration with an unexpected guest artist, with major talents like Wiz Khalifa (“Payphone”), Lady Antebellum (“Out of Goodbyes”), Rihanna (“If I Never See Your Face Again”) and Christina Aguilera (“Moves Like Jagger”) having done the honors on hits past. On that level, V does not disappoint, as “My Heart Is Open” features Levine performing a duet with none other than Gwen Stefani.

That’s not the only surprise on V, however. “My Heart Is Open” reveals Maroon 5 at its most emotionally raw and direct: it features Levine’s passionate romantic testifying (“I don’t need another lover/I want you”) over a spare, heart-tugging piano ballad, building to a soaring chorus with subtle orchestration.

40 Replies to “New Details On “My Heart Is Open” (Updated)”

  1. Sounds like a Early Winter flavored with Hipster Pop and modern electro pop/rock like… … …Maroon 5.

  2. as i said before, a BALAD. THATS FOR ALL those hating me, for saying”its a balad” ia m right, u r wrong, i won!

  3. Hate to be a downer but it’s really because I care. I am very wary of this. Of all the bands and artists that have wanted to work with Gwen and she chooses maroon 5. Ugh. I stress, ALL the bands in the world……

  4. A mix of Undone and Too Late would make me so happy. I love its description, “emotionally raw and direct”. I’m getting more excited now. 😃

  5. @ DOOM: I could have thought of more exciting collaborators than Maroon 5 too, but I’m not sure if there really were that many “bands” lately that wanted to work with her. I remember many (female) solo singers saying that they wanted to work with Gwen (Christina, Britney, Katy and of course Rita), but I’m not sure about bands actually.

    1. i agree with YYY because after her long hiatus maybe she was a little forgotten somewhere by public and other rockstars ?????

      There are so many new rock stars every years !

      But i don’t agree with YYY because Adam LEVINE was an incredible vocalist on the VOICE 6 and he has a love style compatible with gwen stefani ?

      THE VOICE 7 is a very good opportunity for her to take the light and revive her career.

  6. I think it will be a single. I don’t think they’d waste the opportunity to perform it on The Voice.

  7. @YYY i guess you are right. not many bands have expressed interest as far as we know. however, i’m sure many have. regardless, if she is going to do a feature it just seems like a shame to choose this band. i understand it’s because of the voice, but to me personally, it’s a bad career choice. i would expect her to work with interesting people. that’s all. even someone from left field would give her more credibility.
    but we shall see. i just can’t image this song being any good. for one reason only, because it’s maroon 5.

  8. I think M5 had some decent songs in the past, but yeah they sort of “sold out” lately. But I don’t know if Gwen really needs credibility these days. I’d say commercial success and of course radio airplay is what she needs most at the moment, so I guess working with M5 really is a smart move. Also M5 have a very broad fanbase ranging from teens to thirtysomethings, so maybe many new people will be (re)introduced to Gwen. At least it’s a band and not somebody like Pitbull or Will.I.Am. She could’ve done better, but she definitely also could’ve done a lot worse. I’m really looking forward to this song 🙂

  9. Gwen stefani is not a new rockstar without experience. She knows what she does.

    Maybe, P&S was a little too “in the air ” which gave a worring picture for fans.

    BUT, she is not a shooting star, she is a rock star, she will bounce !!!

    1. I did gwen stefani’ s astrological portrait to find where is her musical inspiration
      which is only one interpretation,

      In the past, i have deduced she found her first inspiration in the planet of saturn which is in the sign of bull for her. So it means she found her inspiration in material objects (bull), sensuality, (bull), concept down to earth (bull) and in introspection (saturn), concentratation (saturn) and effort (saturn).

      Now, she tries to play music “in the air” like P&S because her sun sign male birthday is libra which is a air sign.

      For futur, she will play more and more music ” in the air ” because her inspiration will be in the sign libra with jupiter planet . So it will be a new style of music. Fans must respect it. She will improve. She will be the best in her new musical style.


  10. @doom it’s obvious you don’t like M5, but despite that, this is actually a positive thing for her career because there are a lot of people who DO like them. M5 has a very big and wide ranging fanbase. This could help get Gwen a lot more exposure along with her appearance next season on The Voice. This song was most likely fueled by that connection, I doubt they would collaborate otherwise (same could be said of MLJ) It sounds like this will be a great song that goes back to M5’s roots more.

  11. Well, No Doubt and Gwen have been labeled “sell outs” as well so I’m not sure why that matters. I’m also relieved that it’s M5 and not Pitbull, or Britney, or Taylor or anyone equally dreadful. I’m not a huge M5 fan, but there are at least 7 or 8 songs that they have done that I love. Gwen is really smart when it comes to picking collaborators and I trust her judgement on this!

  12. Yes, I don’t think she’d have agreed to be on this song, if she wasn’t convinced that it will be good for her. She has great intuition and of course enough experience to recognize a good oppurtunity. And judging by the description the song should be really nice.

  13. Honestly, it will be the 1st and only Maroon 5 song that I will ever scrobble to
    Adam’s voice sounds a bit “iffy” at times. It’s just my opinion, I don’t like it. But after reading the description of the song, I guess I can take it. I’m glad it will be a ballad instead of another typical M5 club banger. I cringe every time I hear Moves Like Jagger. Lol (Anyway, this is just my opinion.)

  14. I need my astrological portrait! Maybe you can have a booth at the ND convention we need to have.

    And I’m excited about this collab, it’s better than nothing and way better than a Pitbull/ collab.

    1. David B , do you want really an astrological portrait ? for what ?

      i did also the astrological portrait of all No Doubt’ members ( Tom, Tony, Adrian, Gwen) and gavin rossdall.

      it’ s only one interpretation, it can be criticized.

      In theirs portraits, it strike me, they are all more or less good humans with a heart good, benevolent and pure. That is not so frequent in the population to be noticed. In the astrological portrait, we used to say about it, they are old souls who came to the earth for positive things and to change the world positively.
      And other words, there are not regular world rockstars, and they have an additionnal mission on earth.

  15. Anyway what stops me from linking that song is Christina Aguilera. Her feature was so random.
    By the way, I’ve noticed that most videos of M5 have over 100,000,000 views. That’s a cool thing and it will surely be a good exposure for Gwen. I mean Don’t Speak has only 75,000,000 views and Hollaback Girl almost 40,000,000 views. How’s that possible?

  16. Christina is on The Voice with Adam so that’s why they collaborated… It’s not random. All the judges collaborate with each other. M5 have also been consistent with putting out music and touring so maybe that’s one reason why they have more video views? I think I’ve only seen one M5 video myself haha

  17. @Amanda G yes, it’s random. I’m talking about the song, not the TV show. Her voice definitely doesn’t work on that song. It really puts me off.

  18. Maybe Im in the random group here that thinks Gwen being linked publicly with a group is great for ND. It reminds people she was once in a group, not solo G. I think M5 fans won’t like it because this clearly has the makings of a song about his wife. 🙂

  19. @frederic, well I was part kidding but honestly it sounds interesting.

    Don’t Speak came out before YouTube! If No Doubt had their glory days in this time I’m sure their channel views would be out of control.

    @Allie, that’s interesting to think about what M5 fans think about the collaboration. It’s got to be better than what they thought about diva Xtina. She’s got mad vocal skills but Gwen has a better image/reputation in my opinion.

  20. I don’t think M5 fans are that fussed. They probably don’t realize who Gwen is. This is what one of the fans tweeted about the collaboration: “I wish My Heart Is Open didn’t have Gwen in it bc if it’s an emotional song I only wanna hear Adam”

  21. Hahaha “I only wanna hear Adam” that’s cute. Gwen’s gonna have issues with Adam’s Apples. Is that what we call them?

  22. I’m sure it will be a good song. Gwen shines best when she does ballads. She always does it beautifully!

  23. Gwen and No Doubt has been called sell outs so many times…It doesn’t faze me no more. They are at the stage of their career where they have proven themselves and pretty much can do whatever they please. I for one is excited for the collaboration. Im glad its a slow jam bc Gwen rocks most on “slow jams” (i.e. cool, 4 in the morning, running). Whatever makes her happy, Ill be here to support her. Good Luck Gwen and Adam!!! I’ll probably just buy the single unless they release an acoustic version of the album. Sometimes they tend to overproduce their tracks but i guess that what the EDM public wants.

  24. I’m absolutely sure most M5 fans realize who Gwen is lol. What a strange assumption to say that they probably wouldn’t know her… I know some people won’t like to hear it, but ND and M5 really aren’t THAT different worlds. They’re both LA based, former “alternative” bands that reached global success by getting more and more “mainstream” through the years. Many people probably only know “Moves like Jagger” and “Payphone”, but M5’s biography as a band is pretty similar to ND’s. Maroon 5 released songs on their own before they became famous, they toured with Reel Big Fish and Goldfinger and played small shows in LA. Pretty much the same stuff ND did before TK. And even though ND are a little older, I’d say that ND and M5 are somehow peers. M5’s first show was a performance at Whisky A Go-Go’s in 1995, the same club ND played their first shows a few years before. It’s almost scary how much of the same history ND and M5 share. Also M5 had their major breakthrough moment in 2004, just like solo Gwen. So yeah, of course M5 fans know who Gwen is.

  25. Plus Adam has been a fan of Gwen for many years and cited her as an influence for one of their albums. Adrian even filled in for M5’s drummer for a few shows. The collaboration makes sense! I wish they’d give a preview of it!!

  26. @sixkyej I don’t like maroon 5 one bit but that’s my only gruff. This is all very positive stuff. Im really excited to see how this next stage of gwen plays out. I think we all are 🙂

  27. I don’t like Maroon 5 anymore as well, but I’m at a point where I’ve become a sell out too haha… I’d rather see No Doubt or Gwen related to some mainstream-pop trash than not seeing them at all… If they get some visiblity with that, I’m ok.

  28. I’m interested in hearing the collaboration. For the most part I don’t think Gwen sold out. My opinion is that No Doubt served as an outlet for help express the adversity she was going through and help while she worked towards her goals. But, once Gwen started the happy successful marriage with Garvin and created a family and reached her dream of having her own clothing line No Doubt became less important or less of an outlet because Gwen had overcame the adversity of her life. So I see it has Gwen evolving into the next chapter of her life and career.

    In my opinion when an artist reaches all their main goals and works through the worst adversities of life and are living a happy comfortable life it is much easier to find inspiration for Pop solo songs than it is to find inspiration for a rock band like No Doubt. Whether it’s No Doubt or other bands it seems their best stuff always comes during their younger years when they’re overcoming major personal or relationship issues but the second they get older and settled down is when the quality of their music gets worse. I think No Doubt still has potential for future good albums but it’s hard to say how good it will be.

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