More campaigning for Harajuku Lovers fragrance coming; hitting UK soon

Gwen Stefani is bringing her signature Harajuku style to the world in a whole new way. To promote Gwen’s new fragrance line, Harajuku Lovers Fragrance, internationally acclaimed fragrance company COTY teamed up with LBi, the global marketing and technology agency, to launch a new interactive marketing campaign featuring an animated Gwen Stefani and her Harajuku posse. The site allows fans to record, upload, and share videos of themselves singing Karaoke to the Stefani hit, “Harajuku Girls.” The videos are then instantly shared and made visible to everyone visiting the site.

A Harajuku is a young Japanese girl known for creating extremely unique and individualized fashion styles. Stefani, intrigued by this distinct culture and style, has made it the focal point of her clothing and fragrance line, Harajuku Lovers. New York-based LBi Syrup aimed to bring out the Harajuku attitude and inspire those visiting the site.

Rob Holzer, CEO, LBi Syrup: “The website captures the independent spirit of the Harajuku girl, encouraging everyone to record their Karaoke videos in unique ways in order to express their individual style. The ability of these users to create and display their own content online has taken the website to a whole new level of interactivity.”

Leslie Oglesby, Global Marketing Director at COTY fragrances says: “LBi Syrup brought the Harajuku Lovers fragrances to life online. Through an animated world, each of the Harajuku girls expresses her true style and fragrance. LBi Syrup created the idea of Karaoke where consumers can tap into their own Harajuku Style and show it off to all of their friends. This is an initiative that has really resonated with our target audience and one which we are excited to see develop along with our brand.”

The site, launched in August, also allows users to rate and comment on the videos, download wallpapers, and display the videos on social networking pages, such as Facebook or MySpace. It is poised for even more growth and interactivity, including an online Karaoke contest, a launch in Japan in October, and a UK launch next year. The launch in the UK will likely include Karaoke Booths in many UK shopping centers. LBi Syrup is also handling the creative design of the online media campaign launching this fall.


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