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Check out another batch of incredible live photos from Gwen’s MasterCard sponsored show this past Saturday in Los Angeles at the Orpheum Theatre. Our good friend Memo was able to get some amazing shots of Gwen and we’re thrilled to share them all with you.

And in case you missed it, check out his high-quality capture of “Start a War” live which Gwen debuted during the show.

Click here for more photos and videos from the show.

Photos courtesy of Guillermo Moreno for BSO.

14 Replies to “More Amazing Fan Photos From Gwen’s MasterCard Show”

  1. Start A War is incredible… I’m in love with those vocals.

    Signature Sia melodies but the vocals are pure vulnerable Gwen that bring me back to Tragic Kingdom and Return Of Saturn. Again not in the melody sense, just the vocal delivery except for the adlibs during the last chorus wich are beautiful but I figure those are part of Sia’s input.

  2. Yeah I like it more and more every time I listen to it. I really hope Gwen and her team have a solid plan if this is going to be a single. If handled properly, it could be the hit we’ve been looking for!

  3. I agree! Its easily the best new song we have heard and I said earlier Gwen needs to go the opposite direction with her next single and do something more mature and ballad like that could crossover to adult contemporary. We also haven’t seen any of those sophie muller shots with gwen in the red dress from a few weeks back. Maybe she was shooting some of the music video or single artwork for Start a War?

  4. Lisa, Sophie Muller directed the L.A. show so Im guessing that those shots were for the video backdrops for this show.. that was my guess at least. I wonder if theyll use the same backdrops for the rest of her tour in other cities

  5. @Jase That was my initial thought but I saw videos for nearly every song and there wasn’t any shots like that featured.

  6. I agree, if Start a War is the next single (in my mind, it would kinda be the 1st real single) I REALLY hope they have all their ducks in a row, management and the label are on the same page and everything. I’ll be mad if it’s anything close to what happened w/ BDL and STF because this could definitely be big.

    I also love the 40’s style video opening before the song starts. Gwen looks amazing! I think the music video would be awesome if it followed the same style. Unlike BDL and STF, i think this song is more in line w/ what Sophie’s great at.

    Yeah, it definitely has signature Sia melodies and progressions (it’s very similiar to the Elastic Heart chorus, so might be good if there was a little room between that single and Start a War :-). But it fits Gwen soo well.

    Can’t wait to hear the studio version!!

  7. @Cameron other than the itunes release and not being sent to radio the promotion for STF was actually pretty decent. The song didn’t click with the public or most fans though. If BDL got the promotion that STF did it would have done much better.

  8. And I agree NDlover! I am surprised but loving that gwen did a bunch of non singles even if they weren’t performed in their entirety. I wish ND would do the same for their upcoming shows cause there are sooo many great songs that weren’t released as singles that are worthy of being played.

  9. Come on, she played the non singles just because she needs a setlist to play in a full concert. I don’t think we will hear songs like USI after the new record is released.

  10. I love this song. Makes me wanna cry. I really hope the album version sounds as beautiful. They should release this live version somewhere. I’d buy it.

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