Moby On Having Gwen Lick His Head

In a new interview with Moby, he was asked the burning question fans have always wanted to know: What was it like to have Gwen lick his head in the “Southside” video? Looking back, he called the moment “gross” and said that he felt “weird and guilty” about it saying it was prompted by the video’s director, Joseph Kahn. Moby says that Gwen was such a good sport even though he thinks they had “crossed the line”… was it really that bad?

The iconic moment even made it’s way into fan art, see? Mostly we’re just using this story for a “Southside” appreciation post.

ViceHow was it getting your head licked by Gwen Stefani?

It was… [fumbling for words] It was probably the only time in my life anyone’s licked my head. I think I felt weird about it. I think I kind of felt guilty. Because, like, who wants to lick a bald guy’s head? It’s kind of gross. Joseph Kahn, the director said, oh, lick the back of his head. It wasn’t sexy. We were working and I felt like she was being such a good sport about everything that when the director asked her to lick my head I was like, now we’ve crossed a line. Now she’s going to storm off. I just felt weird and guilty about it.

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    1. She helped him become a household name in 2001.

      It’s crazy how he initially didn’t want/have their duet on his album. His album was later re-issued and featured Gwen’s version because it was such a hit.

  1. To me it sounds like he respected her as a person. He’s really into his music, so it makes sense that he wasn’t sure about Gwen’s performance in the song at first because it was new to him and it’s a big risk you take when collaborating, but he realized it worked out. He has every right to be critical of her, it was his album. Overall it turned out amazing, the song and the album, and I think he was happy about that. I always cringed at the licking head scene because like he said, licking a bald guys head??? really??? The fact that he thought she would walk off the set, all of that shows that he wanted her in on this and didn’t want to disrespect her or make her feel uncomfortable. Gwen is sweet and down to earth and an honest good person doesn’t want to put a nice girl like her into a weird position like licking a head. I’m glad that she was not offended or angry by it, I’m sure she though it was weird too, but she’s really into the arts and people’s vision, so she probably just thought well it’s the dircetors artistic vision and it’s not like it’s anything really suggestive, so I’ll do it.

    1. Truth! I didn’t take it as him being apprehensive to work with her and I never got a stand-offish tone either when they appeared and performed together over the year.

      The collaboration was fabulous and still my favorite! The song is so killer and the video is great, too.

  2. Personally I’ve always liked that scene. Maybe because I’m into arts (I’ve got a degree) I’ve never seen it as something else than an artistic project. You can tell this video follows a concept/vision. It turned out great!
    If only many videos these days were like that. No kidding.

  3. I recall this time period and what he said– the original duet didn’t work out– I think it was formatted different with her vocals– but he had an idea how it could work out and they redid the vocal work for it. He said he expected her to come in as this big primadonna but he said he was amazed how down to earth and sincere she is. He had this complete wrong view of her. This also won Gwen the award for best Male video at the VMAs (and best Female video for Let me Blow Your Mind) in 2001.

  4. Moby was a household name before the collaboration. Moby was truly the first artist to embrace selling his music for comercials. Does anyone remember back in the day when having your band’s music in a commercial was a sin? He’s the guy that changed all that. thanks moby.

    1. If you’re referring to my comment, I didn’t mean that in a bad way at all.

      I think this collaboration brought him to the masses and mainstream. I hadn’t heard of him before. Might have been since I was only 16 and wasn’t into his music at the time.

  5. I think Moby’s album was a huge hit before this collaboration @Jenny . He had several hits before this was dropped as a single and a few million albums sold. I think this opened him up to a few more listeners, but really, at the time, I think it helped Gwen more than it did Moby as it was her biggest hit in 4 years (then she hit peak again with Eve, then RS success).

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