“Misery” Impacting Hot A/C Radio May 23

Photo courtesy of Interscope
Photo courtesy of Interscope

Gwen’s latest single “Misery” has made it’s way to Play IGA and they are listing a radio date for hot adult contemporary adds on May 23. She first debuted the track in a lyric video a week prior to her new album’s release and has gained more than 3.2 million streams on Spotify for “Misery”. We encourage fans to reach out to their local radio stations to request the single!

Gwen is rumored to be shooting a new music video this week possibly for “Misery”.

17 Replies to ““Misery” Impacting Hot A/C Radio May 23”

  1. It’s definitely been an odd path for this single. First a promo single, then real single, some promo, but now it’s shifted back to make me like you only promo? I hope it does well!

  2. I agree Bradley. I love this song, but I don’t think it’s going to work since the theme is so similar to MMLY and SNL/Voice performances have garnered no interest :\ Oh well, it is what is! I’m hoping for a solid video and a few more fun performances of the song!

  3. Why are they waiting until the end of the month before they send it to radio? I don’t understand this “single”…

    Nobody cared about it after SNL and The Voice, then Gwen performed MMLY again a few times and now they are sending Misery to radio? Wtf?

    They might as well just pull the plug and focus on the tour.

    1. Hmm, I think they are focusing on the tour and that these things aren’t mutually exclusive but rather synergistic. It doesn’t cost them much to put out a single these days apart from doing a video. They already have the artwork and it is all just digital downloads now, no need to order up physical copies unless they want to stock a small quantity as limited tour exclusives. They should have a set budget to shoot 2 or 3 videos for singles per given album. Keeping in mind the first two videos cost them next to nothing. UTLY was just video backdrop footage for her MasterCard show doing double duty. MMLY was paid for by Target. The timing between UTLY and MMLY and now Misery has been consistent. They allow each single to peak on radio then ebb. When airplay falls to around a thousand daily spins that would put the song on the verge of dropping out of the pop radio Top 50. That song is then pulled and the next single is sent to radio two or three weeks later.

  4. At this point I don’t care anymore. Let’s just embrace this single choice and hope she gets a chance to release a 4th single in the summer. I’m OK with that tbh. At least Gwen is releasing one of her favourite songs.

  5. Yeah it just seems like a really odd schedule. And maybe a forced, poor label decision to keep trying to move forward with misery. They should just shoot an amazing video for Rare or WWIB and have it be a summer hit! 🙂

  6. What doesn’t help is I think we are all ready to hear something different since we’ve seen her perform the same three songs for what seems like a hundred times. Now there will be one or two additional months of Misery promo. I guess I had hoped she would choose something else for the sake of keeping fans interested. I’m dying to hear the other songs live Gwen!! 😉

  7. More videos would be cool, but maybe I’m ready for her to just focus on a kickass tour. Release a video for Misery and let it chart however it does, and then treat us fans to what we deserve- an amazing live show. And then please break up with Blake and distance yourself from this album because I don’t think this era has been great for your image.

    Oops did I say that last part out loud?

    1. What? Why all the hate for Blake? Why can’t she be with someone who is in a different genre of music? They are both in the same business. I think an honest album, which btw has been very successful, is a triumph– especially when it is well done, and it is.
      So be unhappy and alone but make your old music? Just no!! Did you notice she is happy?

      1. Jill, I agree with u. There was a person here that was bitching about Gwen’s relationship with Blake prevented “us” from getting a ROS 2.0. Like we care for it… we as fans just want Gwen and the band to put out quality music with lyrics that are close to their heart (happy or not!)

  8. Further to what I wrote above about the budget for further singles I think when they have radio DJs plug the tour, I imagine those DJs would like to have a current single to play to accompany the plug and that would be cool for listeners too. So in that way I think you do need something fresh playing on the radio to properly promote the tour. It also gives eventual concert goers one additional potential thing to buy besides the album and the usual merchandise, all of which will be boosted by the tour and vice versa. Not to mention that fans would love a new video, I know I would, and new singles mean new videos and also more promotional appearances for us to enjoy, each of those a fresh opportunity to plug the tour. Personally I do hope for 2 singles over the summer, Misery and either WWIB, A4I or SMAP of the summery reggae-ish/trap-lite jams. And if the tour does well enough then a last single, either Truth or Rare (remixed) in early-mid fall would be a nice sunset to the era for me.

  9. Now that we officially know Misery is the next single, it will be interesting to see if the video concept that Popsugar posted is actually happening or not and if it’s… how does that scenario fit the song? Gwen’s management team seemed to have get things straight this time around, but now they are back to their odd and clueless decisions. I’m really hoping there’s some sort of plan for her to promote the album and tour properly and keep the momentum going.

  10. I would assume the video concept is for misery though it doesn’t really make sense to me. The era was going so well until she decided to do misery as the 3rd single. So disappointed. There’s so many good catchy summer tunes and she chooses this. Sigh.

    1. Me too… P&S was not an official single but a video was made. Did u guys consider that this casting and concept are for the tour? She is going to film videos to be shown during her upcoming concerts.

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