Mikky Ekko Reportedly Writing Music For Gwen

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In a new article on musician Mikky Ekko from USA Today, Gwen’s name has been listed with others as current projects that Ekko is currently writing for.

He is most known for his Grammy-nominated duet with Rihanna, “Stay”, in 2013 and is releasing an album of his own this fall.

Other rumored collaborators for Gwen’s apparent upcoming solo release include Diplo and Pharrell Williams.

Photo courtesy of Stella magazine.

25 Replies to “Mikky Ekko Reportedly Writing Music For Gwen”

  1. My guess is that she has a selection of people (songwriters, producers, etc) writing for her. In the end she will be picking the best songs.

  2. so we’ve been getting reports of people writing for gwen since january. how far into this “thing” do you think she is?
    seems like it’s been in the works for a while but in July gwen said she just started on it.
    i’d like to believe it’s well under way or near completion however gwen makes its sound like it’s hardly begun. its being “considered” as she put it. i’m confused!!

  3. They’ve been keeping their plans under wraps for sure. We have no clue what’s going on behind the scenes. No idea how Gwen finds time in her busy schedule to go to the studio. It’s all a big mystery, but I think that’s the key, the surprise factor, catching fans and the general public off guard.

  4. i don’t understand why she needs again someone to write her songs !

    for the promotion of lamb, she repeated a lot of times that she is also a writer for songs, and “she is addict of it”.

    Has she again the time to write her songs, is she becoming lazy or too conformist or fear of failure ?

    because with outsourcing of her lyrics, she loose a little more her identity !

    nobody needs to listen the same songs with gwen stefani, madonna, katy perry, killy minogue,…

    i hope however her third album will be her new best solo album !

  5. Frederic, I think you’re confused. Even though Gwen was involved in the songwriting for her solo albums, she actually had other people who helped her with the writing process. Usually these solo artists change a few words or a sentence to get credits and that’s it. Of course Gwen will select the best material and probably has an idea what she wants. She’s also smart enough to make those songs her own and make them work.

    1. ok ndlover, you are right !
      i wanted only underline, it can be risk with too much collaboration !
      but with Pharell, it will a big hit !

  6. Of course with No Doubt she’s a songwriter and I think that’s what she meant during that interview. She’s grown as a lyricist with Tragic Kingdom and Return of Saturn. She’s so proud of that. But for her solo records she wanted something more light and collaborate with other talented people outside her comfort zone.

  7. Does anybody else notice how these news about producers working with her keep on popping up quite frequently every two months or so? I wonder if this could already be some kind of strategy… It’s like they are trying to create a slow, but steady hype around the possibility of a new solo album. And Gwen being rather reluctant just makes it more “exciting” like it’s a “secret” everybody already knows. It’s like they want to keep the hype alive without fully spilling the news.

    1. Gwen Stefani will be judge on “the voice ” from 22 september to late december 2014 which will place her under the spotlight. It’s a good coincidence of schedule with her third album at the end of the year ??????
      Also, maybe she could be a judge a second time on the voice on the first half 2015 ????? …

  8. I really hope Gwen doesn’t sign for a 2nd round. I think she should focus on different projects. All in all the voice is trash TV.

  9. There’s no way she could do another season of The Voice as Xtina is already set to return next season. The only chance for Gwen to do another season would be, if she replaced Pharrell and they had two female judges on the show (which is highly unlikely as Xtina is promoted as “the queen” of The Voice). I don’t think The Voice is trash TV though. The production level is very high and unlike American Idol or X-Factor (which I wouldn’t necessarily call trash TV either) it really is a show about music. The contestants usually are really skilled, many of them play instruments and a lot of them write their own songs. Plus the judges frequently get to perform on the show too proving that they actually know what they are talking about. Of course The Voice is also almost 100% scripted as most “reality” shows are, but by today’s standards it’s pretty much high quality entertainment. When I think of the term “trash TV” shows like “Jersey Shore” or “Honey Boo Boo” come to my mind lol. But maybe that’s a german thing. The Voice of Germany is a very, very, very well received and well respected show here (unlike German Idol lol).

  10. In France, “the voice” is also number one ranked hearings in the evening at the TV from first to last episode.

  11. Well, YYY unfortunately (these days) this kind of TV shows don’t bring much to the music scene. It’s all getting old by now.

  12. That’s true, but I’m willing to embrace (almost) any show that at least keeps music alive on TV somehow since the slow and painful death of MTV. Music doesn’t really have much platforms on TV anymore, so basically any show that features at least some music is a good thing to me 🙂

  13. I hope she is “one and done” with The Voice as well. I don’t want her career to turn into being another judge on a reality show. She should use it to revitalize her music career and then take advantage of that by putting out new music..whether it be solo, ND or collaborations. I have a feeling she might stick around though…if she has a lot of fun and the schedule is good for her kids…

  14. Pretty sure Gwen will “Beyonce” a solo record. That if your not following her day to day it will seem to come from no where when her album is dropped at the end of the year.

  15. You can’t pull a Beyonce because Beyonce already pulled that. It would pale in comparison. no one pulled a radiohead after in rainbows.
    That said, who knows what she will do…

  16. Honestly, Gwen doesn’t have the star power anymore to pull a Beyonce anyway. Beyonce has consistently been on the charts, on tour, and in people’s faces for many years. Gwen has not unfortunately. She needs the traditional “comeback tools” like The Voice, good writers and great promotion if she’s planning a 3rd album.

  17. I agree with both of you Doom and Amanda. Nobody should try to do a Beyoncé after Beyoncé, because it would come off as lame. And I also agree that Gwen doesn’t have Beyoncé’s status in the music industry anyway. Gwen has a huge and very loyal following, but she needs to get herslf back on the map of the general public.

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