Merry Christmas from Gwen and Blake (Updated)

It’s officially official! Gwen shared a sweet and short video of herself and boyfriend Blake Shelton wishing fans a Merry Christmas ahead of the holiday. The two seem to be spending some quality time together outside and it’s so amazing to see her smile. Sending all of our love to Gwen and Blake this season and into the new year!

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  1. It’s so exciting to see her happy but very strange to see you say “Gwen and her boyfriend” LOL this is soooo weird and I hope she doesn’t lose herself in him because I love her punk rock style but I’m so happy that she’s happy so I don’t really care

  2. I agree they are cute together and I think blake would treat her a lot better than gavin would. Gavin seemed to like gwen wearing a lot of makeup so it’s nice that blake prefers her natural beauty.

  3. This short clip was unnecessary, if you ask me… Attention seeker? I’m sure Gavin knows by now they’re dating… no need to tweet it. I’m still not buying this sudden relationship though. I wish her nothing but happiness but something seems fishy about this whole thing.

  4. @ Lisa I totally agree, I get much better vibes from Blake than Gavin. It’s great to see Gwen not have to put up the wall of makeup and just let her beautiful self shine. It’s been a long time since Gavin made her smile like that (in photos at least).

  5. First of all I wish Gwen all the best. She deserves to have a boyfriend who loves her… BUT I think these whole tweets and instagram-photos are totally embarrassing… I don’t get that…

  6. At first I thought it was strange too, but lately I don’t think I’ve ever seen Gwen so happy and carefree. She seems to be in such a good place now, post Gavin. I think she’s just in love and he seems to be as well. Even if this doesn’t last , it’s still cute for now and refreshing to see Gwen so natural around him and always laughing and having a good time, she needed that. For anyone that says it’s fishy cuz she’s posting pics and Vids and such…if I’m not mistaken this is the FIRST public social media confirmation from her, so it doesn’t seem attention seeking at all (in my opinion) and for any that think it’s “fishy” maybe it’s cuz you’re used to seeing her with Gavin for the last 20 years and this is taking some getting used to. But all in all I’m happy for her, because she seems genuinely happy around him.

  7. I don’t think she cares about Gavin or what he does at all. I love them. Finally Gwen is with someone who treats like gold and not like he’s doing her a favor-plus Blake has been around her family more in 2 months than Gavin did in 20 years. As for social media, is not the first time she posted pics of her kids or her ex and if she wants to tell the world she’s in love good for her! I haven’t see her this happy, smiley in years, I’m so happy for her.

    1. I second Jesse and Jossy. You guys nailed it on the head. I’m over the moon about them together. There’s something so organic and not contrived about them as a couple.

  8. I swear she looks 27 with that smile! Love to see her with a smiling (not brooding) man. It’s so Gwen to morph into her loves’ style (camo, western) 😉 have no fear, she’s just having fun and will hop back and forth with amazing style as always. She’s always loved camo though. Remember the adorable “LAMBy-Cami” accessories? Love!

  9. This relationship is one of the biggest jokes of 2015, Imo. All I can see is Gwen trying (so hard and desperately) to get Gavin’s attention. She’s just trying to piss him off and annoy him. This is the typical “young girl” trying so hard to show her ex how happy she’s is without him (“…now look at what you lost”). I love Gwen but this is so embarrassing to me. Her codependent behaviour is starting to make me sick, I prefer to focus on her upcoming music. Sorry guys.

  10. I don’t get why celebrities go from one relationship to another so quickly. Yes, Gwen was with Gavin for years, but then all of a sudden she divorces him and two days later is in a new relationship. I don’t like it. I know it’s her life and she will do whatever she wants, but it still is not right.
    As for her new relationship with Blake, I hope it actually lasts and what I want most is for Blake to make Gwen stop being so superficial and vain. God knows she needs to tone it down. She herself has said that she’s very vain. I hope him being more casual and you know, country will be a good thing on her.
    They are out in the woods or wherever and she’s still wearing fake eyelashes! Those fake lashes need to go.

    1. @Violet…I think that might be the strangest part of the relationship for me. Gwen seems so…high maintenance…and I can’t picture a casual, country guy like Blake being respectful of Gwen wanting to always looking 100% when stepping out in public LOL I would think he would roll his eyes at something like that LOL But maybe that’s what he loves about her…that she always makes an effort to look nice.

      1. Yeah, it is a strange pair, for sure. I just remember Gwen saying on Oprah that she hoped when she had children they would save her from her vanity. We know that didn’t happen. So if her kids couldn’t do that I doubt a man will either. But it would be nice. He can teach her things and she too, can teach him.

  11. ^ Violet and who are you to tell her to “tone it down”. It’s her fucking life and she puts whatever she wants on her face. I’ve never read such a ridiculous thing.

  12. I still don’t understand one bit how people can STILL be in denial about this relationship. Jenny I’m so glad u posted this and didn’t ignore it

  13. When looking at that video, I can’t help but think of that awful song that goes something like, “you’re a little bit country and I’m a little bit rock n roll” LOL This is the happiest I think I’ve ever seen her. I’m still weary of him because he’s been rumored to be a womanizer, so I hope she isn’t putting herself back in that situation, but that’s her decision and maybe it isn’t true anyway. Selfishly, I wish she had stayed single for awhile and just dated casually. I really liked seeing her be so open, independant, and feisty during the two months before they went public. She’s been in relationships for over half of her life and it would have been interesting to see her grow outside of that. But…as always…I’m happy for her. I hope she stays focused on new music though.

  14. ^^^i agree AmandaG but since we’ve ever only known Gwen to be in relationships, she’s probably a”relationship kind of girl”—-like Jennifer Lopez

  15. In other news, UTLY is still climbing on Billboard Adult Pop Songs (Radio), and even though it’s dropping on the Hot 100, it’s on #67 which is cool!

    Jenny, I have a suggestion that comes with a confession: I never shared the UTLY video on my social media, because I’m kinda shy about pop music or whatever… I think we should make an event, where we all share the IUTLY video at the same time. I’m sure it would make somewhat of an impact! What do you think?

  16. I don’t get why NDLover can get away with being vile to people and using the F word and I’m trying to leave nice normal supportive messages here but my comments don’t show up 9 out of 10 times smh 🙁

    1. Vile? Excuse me? Violet was being cynical about Gwen’s latest Fashion/Beauty options. Are you that sensitive I can’t use the F word? Not to mention it’s just an expression the way I used. Grow up! Gimme a break.

  17. Well, this is as much “in your face” as it can get I suppose… I wish Gwen all the happiness in the world, but this whole Blake thing still feels awkward to me. It’s just odd to see Gwen being THAT open about her private life since she has been the complete opposite for all those years.

    I agree with Amanda. I somehow wished she’d become an independent single woman for a while… but I guess she is just the type of person who always need someone around them. I just hope they take their time and don’t rush it… Gwen is so traditional, but I really don’t want to see them get married next year already lol.

  18. Yay! Gwen looks sooooo happy! As a fan, I love it. You go girl! You deserve all the happiness in the world and if Blake gives that to you, I am all for it! <3

  19. Cute about Gwen and the camo… guess he was influencing her 15 years ago. Because I adore my LAMB LeSportSac Camo Canvas Love Hella Hobo Bag, so thank you Blake 😉 I always found Gavin to be a gross person. Gwens been with Tony, then Gavin since she was a kid…so even if she is in her 40’s she will act like a 20 something in a relationship. Its natural. Would we all prefer her on Tinder? She only dates boys she works with too…nothing here seems odd. No it wont last but she is happy and looks more Anaheim Gwen then Ive seen since 1992. Its NOT a bad thing.

  20. WOW OK first off Gwen dosent give a flying fuck what Gavin does! And he was abusing her in his own way! Making her feel extremely insucure Blake actually Loves Gwen! We as fans should be happy for her Gavin is an asshole! And treated Gwen like complete shit he destroyed her self CONFIDENCE! you supposed FANS need to stop with all the negative comments and be happy for Gwen! She happier than she has been in years isnt it obvious?

  21. LMAO these comments are amazing.

    “Hi” lmaoo

    Anyways I agree with Amanda. And I also think in the end we only know what we are shown – so no one can really say what went down or why. And because literally – none of us know what we’re talking about – we should all just chill out. If she wants to date a unicorn be and let live.


  22. Sheesh and here I am trying to talk about something that matters, Gwen’s song! It’s moved up to #11 on Billboard Adult Music (Radio). Merry Christmas guys!

  23. Omg was checking some fans pics from OK and shes wearing a camo hoodie from wallmart that costs $20 lol blake army fans love her so let it and good for her to enjoy a guy who is not shy to adore her. Lets remember that she was the one after the guy, thinking she won because the hot guy choose her. All self steem shit that got worse after years passed. Even if last 2 more months will be the first time gwen doesnt do the chasing.

    Music news probably next year right will be a waste of time cuz of the holidays,

  24. Guys, if she’s eating Dairy Queen, she must be happy! Maybe she needs a little ice cream, camo, and some scruffy Southern love after this last decade. I’ll give her a pass.

  25. First of all she looks so happy and look at all the attention and media coverage she’s getting. Blake and Gwen can potentially be the next brangelina if they keep it up. Honestly I don’t care if this is a PR stunt or if she’s truly happy with Blake I’m just happy she’s back in the limelight and getting coverage because that means more Gwen Music for me to listen to lol and I’m sure her relationship with Gavin and it along time ago because come on the writing is on the wall ever since return of Saturn if you read the lyrics it’s pretty damn clear he’s been cheating on her for over a decade . I’m sure at one point she stopped loving him and again we don’t know how long they been separated before it was made public . It took me nine months to move on from my long-term relationship so this doesn’t seem quick to me . I am so happy for her success and to hear used to love you on the radio

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