Manager “Putting Together” A Tour For Gwen

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In a new interview with Hits Daily Double, No Doubt’s new manager Irving Azoff stated that a lot of things are in the works, including “putting together” a tour for Gwen. She has said previously that she was unsure on touring her new solo album. No other details were shared in the interview but we’ll be sure to keep everyone posted on the latest.

With Gwen’s new MasterCard deal, fans can expect a few “live events” in the near future, too.

No Doubt are confirmed for two festival shows this upcoming summer including BottleRock Napa and Rock in Rio.

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14 Replies to “Manager “Putting Together” A Tour For Gwen”

  1. I think a combined solo/ND summer tour is the way to go. Fans can hear the best of both worlds and maybe it would reenergize Gwen by playing some of her old solo hits. It would probably be too much for her though 🙁

  2. I hope it happens but with Gwen you never know. Sometimes her drive to achive things is as thin as paper. If it happens I hope she does a worldtour.

  3. This will probably be something like ND’s Gibson shows during the P&S era: 10, maybe 12 gigs in L.A. and that’s it. I don’t think Gwen/ND will ever tour outside of the USA again.

  4. From what I got with the MasterCard deal she might do some venues around the world in the most important cities (probably 7 or 8 cities), but yeah I’m sure it’ll be something more US focused.

  5. YASSS! Sorry but I’m carried away. It doesn’t matter if it’s only in the US, a Gwen Stefani tour?? I won’t be there but I’ll be the first logging on youtube to watch it 😀 😀 😀 😀 😀

    PS: BRING THE HARAJUKU GIRLS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  6. Please come to Europe, it’s one of my biggest regrets in life that I haven’t ever been able to see No Doubt live. ;-(

  7. Its weird going on tour without the harajuku girls. Lately, she just seems like she’s just tagging along with Pharell and his baes. Love them or hate them, the harajuku girls are part of Gwen Stefani solo experience. I don’t think the emojis will cut it lol. In whole honesty, i don’t know how she’ll tour without a hit record. Its not like before where u feel it, this time around everything feels incomplete. There’s a big pressure from the record company to release and tour but she doesn’t have the right music and hits to back her up. I say might as well go for another “we need an inspiration for our next album tour” with NO DOUBT 😉

  8. I think at this point basically nothing is set in stone. Many things could or could not happen in 2015, I guess that’s where we’re at right now.

  9. Follow up: I don’t care if ND doesn’t have a new album. I am perfectly content hearing them rehash all their hits as long as I get to see them perform LIVE. Just plz no more It’s My Life and “OOO! OOO!” during Hella Good.

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