Makeup Mastermind Looks At Gwen And Paramore's Haley Williams


Here is a cute article taken from comparing the looks between Gwen’s makeup and opener Paramore’s Hayley Williams. The author calls Gwen out on her perfect skin, and how awesome it is that Gwen has always been true to her “pale” self by not trying to cover it up with bronzer and such all these years. The red lipstick and black eyeliner has always been her thing, and gives advise for girls not to pluck their eye brows like crazy. Gwen’s used to be super thin back in the Tragic Kingdom days, but look lovely now.

Gwen Stefani is by far one of the biggest women in the music industry to date. Not only does she kick butt with her band No Doubt but she also is amazing preforming solo. Gwen has quite a few trademark makeup traits that she has kept for years. This pictures shows Gwen’s classic look that she pulls off really well. One thing that I love about Stefani is that she is very light skinned and doesn’t try and cover it up with tanners and fake bake. Although, in this picture she has a TINY bit of a pinkish bronzer high up on her cheek bones (adds just enough color). She has amazing skin (Lucky girl!) and knows how to compliment her features well without overpowering them with too much makeup.

One of Gwen’s trademark looks is the liquid liner in the mini cat eye. She has always rocked this look well, its simple but still gives a pop to her eyes. If you want to pull of this look, I suggest using a very matte white shadow all the way up to your eyebrows(also helps accentuate the arch in her brows) and then accenting the look with a small line of liquid liner. One thing I have learned is that liquid liners that have hair brushes usually suck, so I suggest checking out a vegan (no need to hurt an animal) felt tip brushed liner. They give you a ton of control and can hold a lot of product so you dont have to keep dippin.

Of course Gwen’s other trade mark look are the sexy red lips. As long as I can remember Gwen has had these pretty lips and they look awesome 🙂 One last thing that I love about this picture is that over time Gwen has stopped plucking her eyebrows to nothing. Now they have a good arch and are thin but not too thin. A lot of people dont realize that when you pluck your eyebrows like crazy eventually they will stop growing in. The last thing you want is to be 40 and have no eyebrows ladies, so just be careful what you do now!

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