“Make Me Like You” Remix EP Releasing Apr. 22 (Updated)


“Me Me Like You” The Remixes EP is now available on digital retailers including iTunes, Amazon, Google Play and is streaming on Apple Music and Spotify. Gwen has also shared the remixes from RAC, Sad Money and Chris Cox on her official Vevo account so fans are able to stream. Enjoy!


Photo courtesy of Interscope
Photo courtesy of Interscope

“Make Me Like You” The Remixes EP is set to hit digital retailers this Friday according to a newsletter sent out by Gwen this afternoon! The EP is said to feature remixes of Gwen’s latest single from RAC, Sad Money, and Chris Cox and tells fans to watch her social media accounts for updates.

Fans were able to track down the “Make Me Like You” remix by Chris Cox which you can listen to here.

Gwen similarly released a remix EP for “Baby Don’t Lie” which featured two different takes on the track and were later uploaded to her official Vevo account. Once the new EP is out, we’ll share details on how to download and stream it.

11 Replies to ““Make Me Like You” Remix EP Releasing Apr. 22 (Updated)”

  1. The UTLY Maize Remix is one of my favourites. I’m most excited for the RAC Remix. I still like their cover of SKOL!

  2. Too be quite honest, I never understood why ND and Gwen have to have remixes for almost all their singles. To me they make the songs feel strange and loose a part of their “personality”, since most of them are too eletronic, but that’s my opinion since I don’t like these type of sound. From all the remixes there are some that are quite nice and like, the one for Ex-Girfriend (Psycho), Bathwater ( Invencible Overloard) and WWYF by Jaques Lu Cont are my favorites.

    1. Honestly, I’ve never liked any of the dance remixes for Gwen or ND. The additional features have been okay…like Outkast or Slim Thug or whatever his name was, but even those I could do without LOL

      1. Although I would LOVE an official version of the remix of The Real Thing that she’s been performing for the past year 😀

  3. The RAC remix is quite good, but it also didn’t really change the song much. The other two don’t do anything for me tbh.

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