“Make Me Like You” Live Music Video Premiere (Updated)

Gwen made music history tonight! She partnered with Target to produce the first ever live music video for “Make Me Like You” that premiered during tonight’s Grammy Awards broadcast on CBS. The 4-minute video for her single was incredibly charming and impressive and will definitely go down as one of Gwen’s best! Fans and critics raved about the music video after it’s debut and had Gwen trending on Twitter throughout music’s biggest night! People have been buzzing since it’s premiere about the “falling” moment and Target has since confirmed that a stunt double came in for Gwen.

“Make Me Like You” was filmed and premiered live in one-take and directed by Sophie Muller. The video featured multiple sets and costume changes in real time and had Gwen roller skating into a grand finale event. Gwen later discussed the video with Carson Daly and shared that the video took on a lot of symbolism for her. “… it starts off I’m in a crash and I have, like, a jail outfit on, and then I’m kind of like, “Woah, what’s happening?” I start gaining confidence and then by the end it’s very, I’m in the heavens, you know what I mean? It was such an amazing artistic version of what just happened, you know?”

Target shared a behind-the-scenes video from the shoot which showed all of the hard work and dedication that went into the “Make Me Like You” video by everyone on-set. We’re also treated to an amazing moment with Gwen at the end where we see her cry tears of joy while thanking everyone involved. So touching and incredible!

Fans were also able to check out an alternate view of the video and behind-the-scenes footage on Target’s Periscope and Snapchat accounts during the taping.

36 Replies to ““Make Me Like You” Live Music Video Premiere (Updated)”

  1. My heart literally skipped a bit when “she” fell, seriously, haha! Time stopped and I thought I was going to have a heart attack, but thankfully Gwen rose on the other side!!! Amazing!!!!

  2. its ok, i like it, not a fan of the song tho, but at least this video is more atractive than the bdl

    loved the rollers ..reminded me MDONAS hung up such good times 05

  3. The video was what I expected, cute and fast paced…still underwhelming when you look at the videos from the LAMB era, now those were great. But yes the best solo gwen video since the sweet escape and early winter in my opinion

  4. Damn this video was so damn good! Reminds me of Grease. Sandra Dee. She was dressed like her and reminded me of the ending of Grease. Who agrees?!! She is so beautiful and creative, it’s ridiculous ahahhaa

  5. Does anyone know what’s written on the black jacket?
    The bar is named Blake, that made me laugh!! Loved Danilo’s cameo. BTW, it’s not Gwen falling down, it’s double, she goes out to change from the black to red oufit.

  6. It was okay. I guess there’s only so much that can be done being live and all. I loved the roller skating part (she’s pretty good!), Danilo’s cameo, and the alien baby magazine.

  7. If she got pregnant again, at 46, with no medical treatment, this woman is EXTREMELY fertile. At 46, accidental pregnancies are hard to happen.

  8. @cynthia, I’m not a woman, and initially her age is what had me doubting but then I was pointed out that she doesn’t have the body of a normal woman her age. She’s been extremely fit and healthy just about her whole life. Everything could be working just fine

    1. Yes, but that’s the age we start to get close to our menopause and for that no matter how healthy and fit we are, it’s all about when we got our 1st period (yuck I know…). But if they did in vitro or other treatments, it could be more plausible. In the end of the day it’s their life and if she is indeed pregnant, I really hope for a healthy, gorgeous baby (girl).
      Anything can happen Bob 😉

      1. I agree…and it makes me cringe when people accuse women of being pregnant all the time, because if they aren’t, then you’re basically saying they’ve gained weight. It’s rude. Maybe she is, maybe she isn’t, I don’t really care now that the record is officially coming out and I will have new music to listen to. That’s all I care about! LOL So…unless she announces something, can we move on from the baby thing ya’ll? 😀

  9. I mean… It’s totally wild and crazy. But for a woman who has been praised for 20++ years for her abs and physic (and maintained it)….

  10. @amanda g, just wanted to note, I’m not looking at weight or on the lines of body shaming… I think her addressing the topic in the video and on her social media invites the frenzy.. I know it had me doing a double take

    1. I’m not saying your assumption is wrong or right and I know you love and respect her. BUT, from a woman’s point of view…if she isn’t pregnant, all of those close up photos of her belly not being completely flat is a little hurtful and invasive. I wish the media would leave them be. I mean, Gwen would have been married to him with quadruplets by now if the press had their way LOL

      As long as I have new music to listen to, I’m happy! She can do whatever she wants! LOL

      1. She was wearing velcro (I’m guessing) pants that were easier to remove when she was behind the piano. I already knew that those images of the interview would leave some people with wrong idea lol, but if you look closely it’s only adjustable baggy pants.

  11. I think the live video target Grammy deal is nice promo…. But I almost wish they would have just given us a quality video instead. Maybe that’s not as “historic” or exciting, but there’s just something off about this vid that I can’t get into, I’m assuming it’s the live production.

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