Major Lazer Releasing Collaboration with Gwen Later This Year


In an interview with Major Lazer’s Diplo, with their first new album due in June, he revealed that a second album is on the way this year and will feature their collaboration with Gwen.

The forthcoming sequel to Peace Is The Mission, is said to be coming in November and Diplo says that they recorded two songs with Gwen. “We did two songs with her: one we didn’t use her voice on it [and] we have another song that’s amazing that we’ve put to the second album because this is a two album series.”

Diplo describes the track with Gwen having “a big classic reggae No Doubt” vibe and says that Gwen “sounds awesome” on it.

Fans were feeling a little mislead after the track listing was released for Major Lazer’s new album but now we know we’ll just have to wait a little bit longer to hear the collaboration with Gwen.

Photo courtesy of No Doubt.

12 Replies to “Major Lazer Releasing Collaboration with Gwen Later This Year”

    1. And it’s not that long from now …it’s almost April a couple.months will go by like that … I bet this single or song will come out way before anything from Gwen herself actually comes out.

  1. More importantly……what the hell is going on, if anything with Gwen’s album? I wonder if she just gave up …I haven’t seen her in the studio …. or anything lately …no news for.months …. I’m losing hope. But am i surprised? Not in the slightest….

  2. Until November? Whoa, that’s a lot in my opinion. Maybe because they want to coincide with Gwen’s album? So I guess we’ll have to wait a lot longer to hear the Gwen’s album.

  3. Can we all blast tweets at Gwen to see how the solo albums is going? Send some encouraging words or something… Can we plan something?

  4. I’m not holding my breath. I’ll believe it when I hear that song.

    Diplo: “We did two songs with her: one we didn’t use her voice on it .” – This could still happen to the 2nd song too considering that ML plan to exclude 11 songs from the 2nd album.

  5. Jesse, Gwen was spotted going into a studio last week.

    I’m really excited for the Major Lazer track. I also thought it was so weird for them to release just 9 songs. But according to rumours and now confirmation by the man himself, there’s gonna be a Part 2. Can’t wait!

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