Madonna Collaborating with Gwen on New Album? (Updated)


According to, the rumors of a collaboration with Gwen are fake. Apparently the rumor was started by French Radio Keedy FM but the fansite confirms from an inside source that the duet is not happening.


Reports are surfacing that Gwen may appear on pop icon Madonna’s upcoming album scheduled to be released in March 2015. Though no direct source is listed (and the article seems to have been translated), the song apparently is titled “Stop The World”.

Nothing has been confirmed by either Gwen or Madonna and if the duet is happening or not and is only considered a rumor at this time. We have to say this is so freaking cool if its true!

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23 Replies to “Madonna Collaborating with Gwen on New Album? (Updated)”

  1. Dunno, Madonna is doing crap songs these days, anyway that pic makes think why Gwen hasn’t done a interview with a magazine, considering her comeback and all, I have no idea how they are planning the promo of the album.

  2. Thats because they are making it up as they go. The new interscope head is very lax. I doubt Jimmy Iovine would have been so careless with the promo of one of their label’s biggest stars

  3. I have mixed feelings about it, but if it’s true then it better be worth it. I hope either Diplo or Pharrell are involved. I want more than a half-baked song tbh.

  4. It’s really starting to irk me how fans on here are so negative towards pretty much anything news-wise towards Gwen at the moment. You wanted new music, you got new music. You wanted a new album, you’re getting one. You wanted more press for Gwen, she’s getting it. Stop complaining about what you think you know and also, stop acting like you know the music industry better than the head of Interscope.
    This isn’t a dig, I just come on this site to get hyped for all kinds of new Gwen/No Doubt news, and it brings the mood down when there are always such negative comments.

    I for one absolutely love Madonna and hope this rumour is true!

  5. Preach on Hannah,

    Fans don’t realize that Gwen is allowed to experiment musically and should not be dissed for trying new stuff.

  6. Exactly! If gwen didn’t experiment, LOVEANGELMUSICBABY would not exist. I honestly think LAMB is such a brilliant album and a staple in the new millennium. I am a very small Madonna fan but I think this collab would be amazing. I wouldn’t be surprised if Madonna made a duet with some of the biggest stars on the planet right now like Taylor and iggy. A Gwen /Madonna duet would be amazing. They should do a dancer song that exudes 80s new order OMD ish vybes with a touch of NOW.

  7. I am a huge Madonna fan and this is the first i have heard of this collaboration. The only way I can see it happening is thru Diplo who may be the executive producer for Madonna’s upcoming album (which should be out by Spring)

  8. When I read this I thought no way in hell Madonna see’s Gwen as her biggest threat and she is in fact I consider as many do now Gwen to be above Madonna…plus Madonna just screams BITCH

  9. I’d like Gwen to just be part of as many new things as poss… also I do like Madonna so the thought of it sounds good, like a piece of wonderful original Madonna music with Gwen on.. YES… But the sad reality is people now see Madonna as past-it and acting like a teen for attention & I would not want Gwen getting sucked into the whole ‘been there, done that, past-it’ thing…. Though I would be so happy to see a successful Madonna hit ft Gwen which got good reviews from critics with negative age comments just not being a part of it!!!!!

  10. I don’t think Madonna is threatened by Gwen… I’m pretty sure they were friendly at one point. Even having dinner together. Why pit women against each other anyway? I hate that. Anyway, I guess this isn’t true. Bummer. I love Madonna.

  11. Amanda G I know the article your talking about where Gwen said she and Gavin went to Madonna’s house for dinner and it was all proper and Mage was speaking in this fake English accent when Gwen mentioned wanting to do a SOLO album she said Madonna just rolled her eyes

  12. Straight up Madonna is a rude sarcastic bitch and I don’t know a person here who wouldn’t agree with that statement if they really thought about it…

  13. To me like good luck with that I’m the Dance queen 👑 sorry Gwen took your grown in 2004 Madonna… Shouldn’t she retire by now anyways nobody needs or wants to see a 60 year old woman rolling around in a leotard…

  14. Whether you like it or not – a lot of people still want to see Madonna rolling around in her leotard. Her albums may not sell what they used to, but her tours gross boatloads of money.

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