M.I.A. Mentions In New Interview Gwen Was To Replace Her For Oscar Performance

Thanks so much to Sean for sharing the information, and we’re still trying to hunt down the source, but Harajuku Lovers tour opener, M.I.A., mentioned in a new interview that Gwen was scheduled to replace her during her 2009 Oscar performance. She was being considered to perform “O Saya,” which was nominated for Best Song for the acclaimed Slumdog Millionaires film. M.I.A. actually never ended up performing, and obviously they decided against Gwen as well. We’re not quite sure how that would have gone down anyway…

“When I woke up in my hospital after giving birth, there were four people standing around me with cellphones. One said ‘I’ve got the Oscars here they need to know right now whether you’re going to perform. If you’re not they’re going to get Gwen Stefani to sing your part. Can you give us the Ok on that?’ In the end they decided against Gwen.”

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