LunchMoney Lewis on Gwen’s New Album: “It’s Like A New Gwen” (Updated)


MTV UK has shared their interview with LunchMoney Lewis and he has confirmed he’s produced multiple songs for Gwen’s upcoming album. He says, “I got a chance to go in and work on songs with her which is awesome because she’s Gwen. It’s gonna be dope, I think people are really going to receive it well,” he added. “It’s new Gwen, still fun and great songs.”


In a new interview with On Air with Ryan Seacrest this morning, collaborator LunchMoney Lewis confirmed that he has been working with Gwen on her new album. He says that that her new solo record “sounds really dope” and “fun”. “It’s crazy and she brought me in to collaborate with her and create some good energy. She’s amazing.”

LunchMoney Lewis shared that this new album is “like new Gwen and a taste of what we love from her.” He posted on Instagram a photo of himself and Gwen in the studio last month and Interscope confirmed that she is still hard at work on her third solo album which is still expected to drop later this year.

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15 Replies to “LunchMoney Lewis on Gwen’s New Album: “It’s Like A New Gwen” (Updated)”

  1. She should have enough material for at least four albums by now considering that she has like 100 different songwriters and producers working for her since early 2014 lol. I hope this album will feature entirely new songs, though. I don’t want BDL, STF and Together to be on it. These songs feel ancient by now. Even “Start a war” already feels old to me lol.

    1. You’re probably wrong, those songs you mentioned are most likely going to be on her new album.

  2. It’s not that I don’t like those songs but I think it would be a good move to start promoting the new album from zero. A new lead single at this point would make more sense and could make wonders. At least she could pretend those 2 previous songs were just buzz singles. I’d still include Start A War on the album, though.

  3. I do like BDL & STF, but I have to agree with NDLOVER & YEAHYEAHYEAH… She should really start fresh with this album because I have a feeling that it’s going to be good and let’s be honest, those songs weren’t very persuasive, and I do think including those songs would not be a smart move considering the time gap in between their release and the album’s release. A new lead single would, indeed, make wonders. Just my opinion, though.

  4. I think keeping the songs on the album won’t hurt. Maybe just cluster them at the end, like bonus tracks. I think Start a War could be a huge single.

  5. Yeah but she definitely needs a killer comeback single. Many people (especially the public in general) have lost interest. She needs something to get people’s attention again.

  6. Leaving BTL and STF off would definitely be a good idea. Plus it would leave more room for new songs. Including them as bonus tracks would be sufficient. I want to hear the album version of Start A War though, so I disagree about leaving that off. I just hope the lyrics and emotion behind the album will represent Gwen well. I won’t be happy if it’s an album full of generic songs like BDL…

  7. True. This album needs a big hit, at least one, Gwen has been working with a shit-ton of people, there’s probably a thousand songs ready for her and the label to choose from, there needs to be at least one song that’s going to capture the public’s attention again. I’m hopeful, though. I’m sure Gwen can pull it off.

  8. I’ve stopped anticipating or expecting any huge single… In listening to the tracks on Return of Saturn, I’ve come to the conclusion that Gwen is best lyrically and musically when she is being honest about what is happening in her life. She needs to stick to that formula and then the success and everything else will follow naturally…

  9. I wish I could write a song for her album, been a fan of her for 20 years, I’m so inspired

  10. leaving those 2 tracks behind as if nothing had happened, sounds good and gives me hope. Coz both of them were frustating, i am not much into melodic songs , for start a war, but.. well who knows–
    i didnt even like cool at the begining

  11. Btw, I listened to another 2 songs from Lunchmoney Lewis and I think they’re really good. They’re called “Mama” and “Love Me Back”. The first song is dedicated to moms, so I think it’s a cute song.

  12. Oh, I didn’t mean that she should exclude “Start a war” from the album. No no, what I meant was that the song feels “old” to me, because she premiered it long ago and the album still isn’t out. I definitely want SAW to be on the album, it’s the best new song so far.

  13. Lena, my feeling exactly. I don’t want some dumb generic dance/hip hop stuff written by ‘hip’ producers. I want the real Gwen: quirky zany upbeat and energetic in the uptempo songs and heartfelt and sincere in the ballads. It was always one of her biggest strengths that she could write so openly about her life and her struggles.

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