Live in Tokyo for MasterCard Priceless Japan (Updated)

Gwen performed an exclusive and intimate concert last night in Tokyo, Japan as part of her sponsorship with MasterCard Priceless Japan. She performed a rocking set similar to her previous show in New York and debuted her new song “Misery” live. Gwen looked and sounded incredible (even though she was feeling under the weather) and we’re excited for the international fans that were able to go to the show!

MasterCard Priceless Japan Presents Gwen Stefani
3/16/2016 — Tokyo, Japan — Zepp DiverCity
Wind It Up / Rich Girl / Baby Don’t Lie / Early Winter / Spark the Fire / Harajuku Medley / Luxurious / Crash / U Started It / Fluorescent / The Real Thing/Wonderful Life / Let Me Blow Ya Mind (Instrumental) / Misery / Cool / Make Me Like You / Danger Zone / What You Waiting For? // Used To Love You / Hollaback Girl / The Sweet Escape

Check out a few videos and photos from the show!

“Wind It Up”

“Rich Girl”

“Baby Don’t Lie”

“Early Winter”

“Spark the Fire”

Harajuku Girls/Yummy/Don’t Get It Twisted/Now That You Got It/Bubble Pop Electric (Harajuku Medley)



“U Started It”


“The Real Thing/Wonderful Life”



“Make Me Like You”

“What You Waiting For?”

“Used To Love You”

“Hollaback Girl”

“The Sweet Escape”

Gwen Stefani ❤️

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46 Replies to “Live in Tokyo for MasterCard Priceless Japan (Updated)”

  1. Misery is amazing live, that’s the one song that made for me so far, I was not into UTLY or MMLY, but Misery was the one that sealed the deal.

  2. Shazam has longer previews (25 seconds or so) of this is what the truth feels like! (not sure about this one) (beautiful ballad) (love this one) (wow this song sounds so cool) (great beat, sounds very repetitive though) (this is a BANGER surprised its not on the regular edition) (again a banger, I guess she saved the cooky songs for the deluxe edition) (could be a huge dance club hit) (wasn’t feeling this one)

  3. Here’s the first “full” clip I’ve found from the show on good ol’ YouTube. I’m sure there’ll be more posted by the time you read this. “The Real Thing” / “Wonderful Life” (3:01) Gwen Stefani, Live @ Zepp DiverCity, Toyko, 3.16.16:

    There are a bunch of others, but all really short at 17 secs or less, and as well a 1 min loop of the “Misery” Instagram clip.

    Also, guys, please vote today for “Make Me Like You” here:

    This is for iHeart Radio Top 5@5 With Todd Alan. MMLY currently has the most votes, so let’s keep it ahead so that Gwen clinches the #1 spot on Todd’s Top 5 countdown at 5pm!

  4. Aw crap, the dip dyed wall of side bangs are back LOL She looks great though and Misery has me very excited! It’s soooo much better than MMLY. Can’t wait to see a better quality live version of it 😀

  5. How did she do all those costume changes in one concert? Love her concert look!
    Too bad she will miss Blake, I think he is heading to the Northeast for three concerts.



    dat part of nana is good so far.. cant wait to listen to it fully, tho its so good so far.

  7. i am texting u with my fcking telephoneeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee


  8. under her phot there is a play buttom,,

    btw “WHERE WOULD I BE ” CAN BE A HUGE HIT… srsly

    this cd has so much power, loving 5 songs !!

  9. wow you’r my favourite HAS a promising TUNE, unique very deep , non heard before aw, sounds pretty awkward but.. tremendously interesting .

  10. fck it cant stop playing thes fckign songs, THE WAY DAT U KISSED ME WASNT TYPICALL tick me body sth spiritual.. <3 ur my favourite!ftw

  11. Well, here’s a pretty nice clip of “Misery” (3:07) that’s just been posted on YouTube. It’s missing about 20 secs or less at the top (comes in at just before “I’m doing my best to be sensible”) but otherwise, I’m liking this one a lot. Nice POV, very good to excellent sound and video (720p) quality:

    I think the clip shows us just how well the song translates live. I could see this one becoming a real crowd favorite. It’s just the first live performance of it, and already Gwen’s vocal is sounding pretty incredible (well, to my ears anyway), which bodes well for performances to come (SNL, etc.). In fact, the one part of the song that kind of bothered me — the “cooing sigh” at the end of the bridge — actually sounded PERFECT here (never mind better than the record)!

    1. ^ After listening to the whole album though “Misery” should not be the 3rd single IMO. It’s pale in comparison to “Where Would I Be” “Asking 4 It” “Rare” and “Getting Watmer” are all hits just waiting to happen

      1. Well, be that as it may, I’m sure individual fans will all have their particular favorites, but more importantly (in terms of determining the singles and their order), Gwen herself will have her favorites. As for myself, I’ve made the decision to enjoy these songs as Gwen intended. Therefore, “Misery” IS the 3rd single^^ (one that I’m enjoying very much) and the rest of album doesn’t yet exist for me as of this moment. Even when I have my hands on TiWtTFL this Friday, I was honestly already expecting to find even better tracks on the album (but this shouldn’t necessarily diminish the singles thus far), nor would I be in the least surprised if the album spawned another further two singles (or more, provided the album sells well). If you look back to past ND/GS albums (with the exception of P&S), almost all of their/her best singles (and biggest hits) were actually the ones released after those albums dropped. Tragic Kingdom spawned a whopping 6 singles post-album, and we all know what those included. Ditto for RoS: EG/SKoL/Bathwater, RS: Hella Good/UIA/Running, LAMB: RG/Hollaback Girl/Cool, etc., TSE: TSE, 4AM, etc. I guess my point is there’s a pattern of her holding back some of the best singles for later. Another notable pattern is that all the opening tracks of every album spanning her career have been turned into singles. “Misery” follows that pattern obviously, so that tells me she regards the track as both single-worthy, and worthy of opening the album. I haven’t disagreed with any of her album openers, so I don’t see that as changing. That doesn’t mean there won’t be better tracks on the album, and consequently, better follow-up singles. In the meantime, as I await the album, I intend to squeeze every bit of remaining joy I can from Misery — see what I did there? 🙂 I thought the video showed the song works well live, and I think that’s important since SNL is going to be critical promo for the album, and Misery is likely to be one of the songs she performs. I’m guessing it could be awhile before we hear the rest of the album live, at least until the next single drops (perhaps the NPR-previewed Me Without You, or the early critical favorite, Where Would I Be?) …

        1. Just to correct you… EG was released in March, one month ahead of ROS being released. The physical singe was released later, in May. And for TK, what are the 6 singles? JAG was released in September (TK was out in October) and the singles were Spiderwebs, EMM, DS ans SM. HN was only released as single in a Sweden and Australia, and if you are counting it, then it would be 7, you forgot about HY that was a single in Holland.

          1. Now I see you counted HN and HY, but sadly they were not big hit singles for the band.

          2. Cynthia – Thank you for the corrections. Clearly you have superior knowledge when it comes to all things No Doubt & Gwen Stefani! 🙂 Regardless, my point was both No Doubt and Gwen have released plenty of singles after the release of albums containing those tracks (and many of those post-album singles became hits), in fact more so than lead-in singles. Do you agree? I made the point because I do believe there may be better songs on TiWtTFL (just as Lisa has opined) than those released so far (as singles, not leaked) and that I hope we may get to see further singles if the new album does well. A further point about post-album single releases: I believe that singles released just prior to and after the album release date are the most important, as there will be optimal synergy at play between single and album (in this instance, therefore, Misery and/or the next official single, whatever that may be). For singles released later, most fans would have already owned those songs on the album for several months. Yes, hardcore fans and/or completists would buy those, but the main purpose would be to generate additional radio airplay to boost the longevity of the album, whether in mainstream or targeted markets.

            Tragic Kingdom
            Released: October 10, 1995
            1. “Just a Girl”
            Released: September 21, 1995 (lead-in single #1)
            2. “Spiderwebs”
            Released: November 19, 1995 (post-album release single #1)
            3. “Don’t Speak”
            Released: April 15, 1996
            4. “Excuse Me Mr.”
            Released: August 21, 1996
            5. “Happy Now?”
            Released: January 20, 1997 (targeted market single)
            6. “Sunday Morning”
            Released: May 27, 1997
            7. “Hey You!”
            Released: February 23, 1998 (targeted market single)

            Return of Saturn
            Released: April 11, 2000
            1. “New”
            Released: May 1999 (lead-in single #1)
            2. “Ex-Girlfriend”
            Released: May 2, 2000 (*)
            3. “Simple Kind of Life”
            Released: June 13, 2000 (post-album release single #1)
            4. “Bathwater”
            Released: November 14, 2000
            (* Thank you for pointing out this was originally released to radio in March, 2000, and therefore is in fact lead-in single #2).

            Fast forward to 2016… 🙂

            This is What the Truth Feels Like
            Released: March 18, 2016
            1. “Used to Love You” (lead-in single #1)
            Released: October 20, 2015
            2. “Make Me Like You” (lead-in single #2)
            Released: February 12, 2016
            3. “Misery” (lead-in single #3)
            Released: March 18, 2016
            4. TBA (post-album release single #1) …

          3. Sorry, the release date for Misery should read March 11, 2016, not March 18… obviously, for some reason, I’m obsessed with March 18… 🙂

          1. Amanda – There’s a bit of confusion over this (as there is with a lot of “singles” in this digital day and age), tbh, but I think you’re right. As an aside, there have been some notably confusing No Doubt releases in the past, e.g. Ex-Girlfriend (initially) and of course, Don’t Speak (which I believe never officially charted on the Billboard Hot 100 despite being the Airplay #1 for a then record consecutive number of weeks). Seeing how well Misery plays live, I really do hope they make it an official single.

          2. The Hot 100 was very different during that time. Had Don’t Speak been released as a commercial single in the U.S., then it would have been on the Hot 100 (most likely at #1).

            Misery could chart, but I still see it as a promo single until Gwen says otherwise (or makes a music video). I think the record company wanted to see what the response would be and so far it’s been positive IMO!

          3. I’ve absolutely no doubt^^ it would have eventually risen to #1, and probably stayed there for a bit too.

  12. Ok ok so maybe she’s not pregnant.

    I had a dream she snap chatted me and asked me to meet her at EDC. I cried. Hahaha.

    I’m gonna wait till the album’s official release to listen to it. It’s like a holiday for us guys! YEARS of hearing about a new album and now we finally get it!!!!!!

    1. LOL!!!
      Not that many years… we had P&S on 2012, by ND standards it was not that long, we got this one only 4 years later!

    2. Haha, that’s a cool dream. I’m of the same mind, and will wait for the official release. Figured after waiting 10 long years between solo albums, what’s another day or so? 🙂

  13. Echoustic, it makes a lot of sense, that the follow up to 1st singles are bigger hits, since the 1st singles are meant to be a warm up to the album, and subsequently have the following ones sell more and become bigger hits for the artist. To be honest, I like your comments, they are long, but have depth.
    As for your compliments, I really hope they were sincere and not sarcastic 🙂
    I´m like the Sheldon character from the The Big Bang Theory, I can’t read sarcasm sometimes.

    1. I was and am being sincere. This web-site is chock full of the best No Doubters and Gwen Stefani fans, and I am in awe of all of you. I don’t mind being corrected at all, as although I am a long-time fan, I do actually have a bit of a bad memory when it comes to things 20 or 30 years ago, lol. I reserve my sarcasm for places like YouTube and other such cesspools of negativity, compared to which this site is a veritable haven and breath of fresh air! 🙂

    1. I just read the name of the song, U Started It, and the almost instantly I started singing the song… LOL

  14. Wow what a show!! You can tell how much Gwen loves Japan, her energy is on another level and the crowd were great too. So cute seeing all the Japan references from the LAMB songs being actually applicable too, lol.

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