Live in San Diego for Channel 93.3’s Summer Kickoff Concert (Updated)

Gwen took the stage tonight in San Diego for Channel 93.3’s Summer Kickoff concert and performed a quick and somewhat familiar set. She sat down with radio hosts Steve and Geena to talk about how excited she was to be back onstage again and how she remembers rehearsing for The Sweet Escape tour in the venue. Gwen was asked about Blake being with her tonight (which he wasn’t) and found it pretty incredible to have a #1 song the country charts.

Gwen had everyone in the audience pumped and her set featured awesome backdrop videos which she’s used this past year as well as big blocks that spelled out “GWEN”. Our friend Robin reported that “Make Me Like You” was huge song and everyone in the crowd was singing along. Gwen looked stunning in an all-black shiny ensemble with a high-slick ponytail and dark makeup. Gorgeous!


Channel 93.3’s Summer Kick Off Concert
5/13/2016 — Chula Vista, California — Sleep Train Amphitheater
Wind It Up / Rich Girl / Baby Don’t Lie / Misery / What You Waiting For? / Make Me Like You / Hollaback Girl / The Sweet Escape



“Wind It Up”, “Baby Don’t Lie”, “What You Waiting For?”, “Make Me Like You”, “The Sweet Escape”


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New Gwen Stefani merchandise were also available during tonight’s show including a tee, baseball cap and temporary tattoos featuring her doodle art of the album’s song titles.

9 Replies to “Live in San Diego for Channel 93.3’s Summer Kickoff Concert (Updated)”

  1. Strange that she performed BDL over Used To Love You or even Cool. I really hope some videos surface! I can’t wait to see the background videos.

  2. The back drops were really cool!!! For wind it up, they were amazing scenery shots (mountains, clouds, lakes) like straight outta Sound of Music/Switzerland. For rich girl, it was rings of fire/firework looking images. For baby don’t lie and misery, the back drops were the videos. For MMLY, the backdrop was a very colorful 3D looking image of going through a tunnel (like the Target video). Gwen literally dropped to her knees in this song and was praying while she sang the being thankful part. Hollar back had tons of different images of cheer leaders turning into different shapes. What you waiting for had really cool images of the Harujuku girls running around in what looked to be a Japanese town (probably images from the cartoon). Gwen and the dancers had 4 big blocks that spelled out GWEN and were doing all these dance moves with them. I was pretty impressed (and blown away she wasn’t the headline act) and now just can not wait for tour!!!!!!!!! What a difference a year makes, when I saw No Doubt at KAABOO last summer Gwen was a hot emotional mess. Last night she seemed so happy and her sprits were up. I hope she plays cool tonight and am excited to watch it!!!!!!!!

    1. I am constantly surprised Gwen chooses to sing Baby don’t lie, especially in such a short set. I like the song but it’s not her best live vocal and it didn’t do so well on the charts so most people wouldn’t be familiar with it. Cool would’ve been a better choice since it wakes people up to just how good she can sound. I personally love Luxurious too but she doesn’t do that one too often.

  3. BDL wasnt the “comeback” single I wanted in 2014, but it’s grown on me a lot. I’m happy that she’ still performing it.

  4. Strange setlist. Not excited about many of the choices. I want to hear you’re my favorite and where would I be live already.

    1. Be patient! It’s kind of cool she’s saving those for the tour- it makes it more special in my mind.

  5. I’m almost completely sure she’s going to perform Luxurious on this tour. I wonder if she’ll do Spark the Fire. I reaaaally hope she brings Serious back.

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