Live Buzzfeed Interview with The Voice Coaches (Updated)


The Voice announced on Facebook this morning that the four coaches (including Gwen) will be interviewed and streamed live today starting at 3:45 PM PT/6:45 PM ET on prior to the Top 12 hitting the stage tonight for America’s votes. Click here for a direct link to the stream.

The Voice kicks off tonight on NBC starting at 8:00 PM ET/PT.



– Adam and Gwen discussed working together on “My Heart Is Open”.
– Gwen says that Sugar Joans was tough to let go but says that she is better with Pharrell. She also says she loves DeNica Shirey (who is also on Pharrell’s team).
– Gwen address the criticism of her always using the “girl code” on the show. She says that she never realized it but admits to it. Pharrell commented saying that the show needs “girl power”.
– Gwen says that its interesting for her because being on the show has changed her life. She says that the show has inspired her and has her fired up.
– Gwen says that “Spark The Fire” is coming very soon and calls it “magic”. When asked about her new album, she doesn’t mention anything else. Adam Levine said it’s “super dope”.
– Pharrell says he’s focused on the show and working with Gwen. She says that he likes him focusing on her saying, “We don’t like to talk about other people when we’re doing our thing.”
– Gwen says she would love to come back to the show for another season if they asked her.

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16 Replies to “Live Buzzfeed Interview with The Voice Coaches (Updated)”

  1. I don’t mind BDL is done. Other than that she and Pharrell need to tour together, with ND or Solo but needs to happen. Seriously they have the most awesome chemistry. Ohh and his jacket is crazy lol

  2. Maybe BDL was supposed to be a buzz single from the very beginning? Remember that she teased us with a preview of STF since day 1.

  3. Remember in the interview awhile back carson was hinting at them releasing it by thanksgiving? If gwen says it will be very soon I am thinking next week.

  4. Her music career has been puzzling and I don’t think it’s her management team at this point – I think it’s her. I take it she doesn’t intend to promote BDL at this point? Too bad, it did have some life for the first week and it might have been a minor hit for her. I’d still like to hear it live. Oh well…on to STF and hopefully Together 😀

  5. I agree Lisa! It’s starting to make sense now. I think that’s the plan. Drop it around Thanksgiving and perform it on The Voice.

  6. Where did you guys get that STF will be out next week? Didn’t she just say “very soon” and then again on the red carpet “anytime”?

  7. Definitely she’s so ready so STF to come out, from the interview on the red carpet looks like the reason for the delay it’s Interscope but finally will be out. I hope it will be out before December.

  8. She should do like every artist today and release a new track every month. Charli XCX has released like 7 songs and Marina Diamandis is doing the same. It’s a good way to keep fans engaged and make them pre-order the album too.

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