Listen: “Used To Love You” Acoustic Version Remix (Unofficial)

Gwen’s first single from her latest album, “Used To Love You”, has been given the stripped down treatment in a new acoustic version courtesy of Country Club Martini Crew. The remix is gorgeous which seems to feature an unreleased vocal track from Gwen on top of soaring piano. While the original version is truly remarkable, this remix really brings out the best of Gwen’s vocals and rivals some of her best to date.

It’s an incredible remix of “Used To Love You” and you can check it out above.

14 Replies to “Listen: “Used To Love You” Acoustic Version Remix (Unofficial)”

  1. I love how the lyrics are slightly different and they didn’t just use an acapella, because that means she sang this version separate just for this, and I can totally picture her actually sitting in front of a piano and pouring her heart out. <3

  2. This sounds like a montage to me. Pretty sure that piano instrumental was added after. Maybe we should ask the youtube about it?

  3. I can be wrong but after checking their youtube channel, I think they get these from live performances, isolate their vocals, raise the volume and mix it with an acoustic audio. It’s still nice to hear this stripped version cause it enhances her vocals.

    1. I’m still intrigued though. I would like to know more about it. I also love the fact they removed the Oh Oh Oh’s parts.

  4. This has to be a different version though. She says “You can take all the memories” instead of “You can keep all the memories”…

    How has this person managed to get this version??? I’m confused, cause I don’t remember this leaking… I need the original NOW!

  5. This is taken from a live performance. Or maybe many. It is far too whiny to be a studio album. It actually was bothering my ears at points because of the screeching at the end of each sentence. Cool idea, but the original vocals would have sufficed better. Also, the play on words throughout helps determine this to be a live performance as it matches the changes she made at her live shows aka Tampa, FL.

  6. I think he works at the record company, or he is just able to get exclusive versions. To me it sounds like a demo version. I remember reading on a interview where Gwen or someone said that Used To Love You was writen with a piano only. And Gwen’s voice sounds too identical to the studio album, except for the different lyric parts, it was of course recorded in a studio.

  7. Listen to the other songs from the channel. The “Perfect Illusion” acoustic, Gaga’s voice sounds the same as the single, but with no voice effects on it. Everybody on the comments asking where and how does he get the acapellas from.

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