Listen: Gwen Interview with KIIS 102.7

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Gwen called into KIIS 102.7 this morning for a new inerview with Ryan Seacrest.

She says it’s super exciting having the record out and she’s been hearing so many different things about it. Ryan reveals that after a couple of listens to the record, his favorite song is “Easy”. Gwen then freaks out and says it’s one her favorites too, saying she was “addicted” to it for a long time. She says that “Easy” was originally written as a reggae song. Ellen with KIIS says her favorite is “One More Summer”. Gwen says that “One More Summer” was the third song the band wrote and reveals that there is an “amazing remix” of that song that will be coming out, saying she doesn’t know the order of releases cause there is so much going on. Gwen feels so good hearing the new songs on the radio and says it makes her stomach feel warm. It’s an exciting feeling.

Gwen was really looking forward to playing at iHeartRadio and said it was really fun to play alongside the band’s peers. She does say she was out of breath. She called the show “intense” having the stage be that big which they haven’t played on since 2009. Gwen continues by saying “Looking Hot” is incredibly fun to play live.

It’s pretty funny to hear them bring up the Flava Flav incident during the iHeartRadio festival.

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