Listen: Gwen Calls In To Ryan Seacrest This Morning


We just put this up while we’re rushing out the door! We put together a quick video featuring Gwen’s interview with Ryan Seacrest KISS FM this morning. She called in live to talk about her appearance on American Idol last night and talked about the new No Doubt album! We will have a recap up later tonight!

Gwen gave us a couple new tidbits about the new album and she thinks it’s going to be out this year!

– She says that the record has been “super challenging, but really fun” for the band

– Gwen is heading over to see manager Jimmy Iovine this afternoon to play him some new tracks

– They have 10 songs done, but they are wanting a few more

– Gwen says it’s a “really good record,” and she loves it

– She says the band are using the same inspirations that they love and have used in the past: Depeche Mode, The Cure and of course ska and reggae music

– The band’s goal was just to write “really catchy songs”

– Gwen describes how one of the songs was reggae, but has turned into an “anthem” song, completely different

The new album has a lot of “up-beat” songs, a really happy record

– She says that the band is probably in the best place they have ever been

– Tony is helping with lyrics for the first time on this record

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