Listen: Calvin Harris’ “Together” featuring Gwen Clip

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Calvin Harris has shared a quick preview of his upcoming track with Gwen titled “Together”, appearing on his new album Motion, due out November 4. It sounds really good! Gwen’s vocals are on point and she sounds incredible. We can’t wait to hear the full version!

You can pre-order the album on iTunes now.

We’re gonna wake up together
You won’t wanna go home
We’ll find love here together
And it feels so good…

22 Replies to “Listen: Calvin Harris’ “Together” featuring Gwen Clip”

  1. Too short of a clip to really form an opinion of the song but gwen’s voice has really matured! She is sounding quite husky lately.

  2. So beautiful. I’m actually enjoying it more than expected. Can’t wait to here the chorus. Surely it will be more dancey!

    1. I have to agree. “My Heart Is Open” is a pretty song but it still hasn’t clicked for me. I’m really into “Together” so far and can’t wait to hear more.

  3. Obviously hard to judge but her vocals do sound way better than they do on m5 song. I hear the TK goodness that Jenny mentioned.

  4. I can’t hear the TK relation. Her voice had a higher pitch then and I cant find the connection. Bob – don’t be so negative without hearing the beat drop. I’m geeked!!!

  5. Yeah people have got to accept that her voice has changed and it sounds deeper, but from that snippet it sounds beautiful and sweet! 🙂

  6. Alguien en Español? xD

    I dont think his voice has changed so much, it’s just another register, as they sing in no doubt, more deep …almost like Tragic Kingdom

  7. Sounds like a typical edm track that makes u wanna jump up n fist pump… I hope her new album doesn’t sound like this

  8. Well this is a Calvin Harris album. I would only assume this is the reason why its EDM. Some of these comments are for the birds.

  9. Am I the only one that is refreshed that Gwen is doing something relevant along the lines of the music industry nowadays … I really hope her cd is dance and edm stuff… it would be something new …something different … rock, ska and reggae sounds with no doubt are dead in the music industry …so I’m stoked she’s coming out with stuff that people can dance to…. club hits … 🙂

  10. And anyone who thinks gwen sounds similar to the tragic kingdom days on this track…needs to check their hearing lol not even close …her voice has matured ALOT.

  11. Definitely not saying she doesn’t have it lol just saying she isn’t 26 anymore … like she was when TK was released. I love her voice still, love that she’s getting modern with the music now and not just staying safe…This will be my favorite era of her solo…I feel it!

  12. I think it’s good that she’s taking chances and this will be a huge hit for her. I have a feeling they are going to try to saturate the charts with Gwen by releasing this and BDL plus whatever duets she does on The Voice.

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