L.A.M.B. S/S RTW 2014 Presentation at SAFW


Huge thank you to Ashley for sending in her photos from the show! Click here to see more photos.

L.A.M.B. ended this year’s San Antonio Fashion Week with a bang tonight at the Texas A&M Educational & Cultural Arts Center. The team put on a great show that featured a great mix of music and of course new looks from the Spring/Summer 2014 RTW collection.

Gwen was not in attendance but the presentation looked amazing and the L.A.M.B. team did not disappoint. And it’s super exciting to the line hitting the runway again. Thanks to all the Instagram attendees for sharing their photos from the show. Click here to see the entire line courtesy of Style and we hope to have more official photos and videos soon.

7 Replies to “L.A.M.B. S/S RTW 2014 Presentation at SAFW”

  1. i miss the days wehn gwen does LAMB fashion shows, presentations, and promo. i’d love to see her in fashion week again

    1. Thank you for mentioning it on the site!

      I spread the news on Twitter and Facebook this morning so I hope that helped!

  2. I think it’s time for Gwen to reboot the line. It wouldn’t hurt for Gwen to do a lil more promo for the line. It feels neglected 🙁

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