“Kings Never Die” Clip in New ‘Southpaw’ Trailer (Updated)

Gwen’s latest and surprise collaboration with Eminem on “Kings Never Die” is featured in a brand new trailer for the film, Southpaw. The New Royales produced song will be available on July 24 and is available to preorder now on iTunes. “Kings Never Die” appears in the film over the ending credits and is rumored to be a possible single from the soundtrack.

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  1. I wonder if the song will be released this Friday. Starting July 10, new music will be released on Fridays.

  2. Speaking of Martin Solveig he said that he wanted to collaborate with Gwen before. I actually find his sound way more interesting and original than Calvin Harris and Cedric Gervais.

  3. I can hardly hear the song in this trailer lol. I think the song will be released July 24th along with the soundtrack and not earlier.

  4. I’m starting to believe that there aren’t any big plans for this song, but at least people will be able to buy it unlike “Shine” that was never released. KND doesn’t have much hit potential anyways, so I guess it’s ok for it to just be a part of this movie/soundtrack. It’s still good exposure for Gwen.

  5. I’m glad that they used Gwen’s parts in the trailer. Makes me wish she had a longer verse on the actual song.

  6. I have a good feeling about this next round of her come back. The voice, this song, completing an album… i feel like good things are coming.

  7. Well, the first round started exactly the same: She had two high profile collaborations with M5 and Calvin Harris, she was on the Paddington soundtrack and on The Voice and she was completing an album that was supposed to be out at the end of 2014… still nothing good came out of any of this lol. So far things aren’t much different, but yeah I also hope things will work out better this time around 😉

    Her own material will make of break this comeback. It doesn’t matter how many collaborations she does. If her own songs suck, people won’t be interested. I hope everybody has learnd from the horrible reception of BDL and STF.

  8. I guess they decided to not promote Shine, because STF failed to chart. Probably they didn’t want the public to think she was beating a dead horse with another release.
    Anyway I guess this time around it will depend on how strong and catchy the next single will be. She’s basically starting over again. If it’s a song that connects to the listener on an emotional level then everything will flow spontaneously.

  9. It will definitely be a lot harder for her now. She’s coming back from two major flops, so her next single just has to be a 5/5. She has to please the fans that were disappointed in BDL and STF and she has to deleiver a song that is both commercially appealing yet somehow on the same level of quality as her old hits. I really hope she has such a song in store by now. This is basically her las chance now.

  10. Yeah I think it will be very, very hard. To be honest, I’m trying to keep my expectations low. I’m only hoping for a catchy tune, something more consistent than Baby Don’t Lie.

  11. I agree that this song doesnt have the hit potential it could, especially for hip hop stations. i hope it fades faster than ‘shine’ to be honest,, but who knows, this is a bigger movie than paddington & Marshall has a big following, so we’ll see.

    & once again i agree with @ndlover i find Martin solveig wayyyy better than calvin Harris, his sound is so fresh and he was so much fun at Coachella this year

  12. I get the feeling that Kings Never Die will do decently on the charts. Eminem’s singles are usually successful.

  13. I have to admit that I am getting really tired of all these random collaborations/songs… The songs aren’t bad, but so far none of these collaborations was good enough to do something for Gwen. MHIO, Together, Run Away, Shine and KND are all ok songs, but it wouldn’t change a thing, if they never happened. They are all pretty irrelevant. Instead of doing five ok collaborations, she should’ve done just one really good collaboration that actually has some sort of impact. Where’s the new LMBYM? Or the new Sout Side at least? I feel like all these new collaboration just came and went without anybody even noticing.

    1. i think that gwen tries to make her best, her come back is not easy and it’s normal after a long hiatus.
      she tries to find a good chemistry

  14. ^^^^I think the sad truth is our girl has just past her prime…

    I was reading something LA Reid was saying where he was talking about Mariah Careys newest single and said something like, “no matter how big the artist is, its very rare for artist who have been out for a long time for them to have a top hit. It can be Mariah, Madonna, Mick Jagger, it doesn’t matter, I’m speaking realistically.”

    & I have to say I agree with him, and lets face it Gwen hasn’t had half the success of those artist

  15. I always have thought that she should put 110% into LAMB and her other lines and make those as big as possible. Like she used to say when she was older with kids and didn’t do music anymore that shed still have her lines as creative outlets. I mean look at Victoria Beckham, she doesn’t do music anymore and her line is taken completely seriously and makes her still relevant

  16. I guess people expect all songs to be hits or released as singles and that’s kinda unfair. MHIO, Run Away and Shine are still good songs. Maybe they’re not meant to be singles just because Gwen is a featured artist.

  17. I have to say that I like the song. I don’t love it and I don’t hate it (but I hate Enimen). It’s an “OK” song, but I like it just because Gwen is on it.

  18. OMG, Rachel McAdams! 🙂 (I just saw the trailer) I didn’t know she appears in this movie. So fetch, Lol. I love her, must see it.

  19. Its completely accurate, to say that Gwen lost her “magic ” prime time..

    unfortunately, its been like that since TSE

    and do believe she had success at the same level of madonnas or mariah carey.. or whoever,
    and it makes me so sad, coz i strongly believed in Gwen and her wonderful music..

  20. You guys are being to harsh! :/ I love you Gwen and will always love everything you do. Now lets send good vibes because lots of us know that you can pull off an amazing album! I Adore you! <3

  21. LAMB, YOU can decide whether or not to feel disappointed. Yes, it’s your choice! If you don’t like their new material then don’t support it.

  22. Agree with these comments. Once you hit 40 not many people care about your music anymore. And like someone said it’s not like she had a huge fan base like Madonna or Janet Jackson anyway. Hence why I wish she wouldn’t concentrate on making a hit and just make something good. Even if she does come up with a really good song it’s unlikely it will be a big hit.

  23. OK the song isn’t available on iTunes NZ or Aus so I guess it won’t be released until July 24.

  24. @D big solo hit? Never. When was the last time a female artist over 40 had a worldwide hit? If she was perhaps featured with someone current with a big worldwide fan base then perhaps. I could see a really good single of hers cracking the top 25 or 20 in a few markets if promoted properly but that’s it.

  25. JLo with On the Floor. Cher with Believe. Madonna with Hung Up. Just to name a few.
    It’s still possible, but anything like when they were younger. Let’s not forget that it’s mostly the younger generations that buy music. Of course they’ll only support new artists. Even Britney Spears and Christina Aguilera aren’t selling that well lately.

  26. I would’ve picked the same songs as examples as you NDLOVER, but let’s be fair: J.Lo, Madonna and Cher are all in a totally different league than Gwen. Obviously On The Floor and Hung Up also had massive help by the super famous samples in these songs and Hung Up actually never happened in the USA. J.Lo also had Pitbull as a guest artist on her song, so basically the last time a 40+ female singer had a solo hit that did not contain a famous sample and/or had a much younger feature act was Cher in 1998… And she’s Cher.

    I think it’s not impossible for Gwen to get a hit, but it’s really really hard and just not very likely. Especially when her material is lacking so much. I don’t think we will see her rise up the charts all by herself. I know it’s unfair, but it’s just the way it is. Like you’ve said, even much younger artists like Xtina and Britney have a hard time getting a hit these days. Even Rihanna’s new singles aren’t really selling well and Gaga’s last album wasn’t as succesful as her first albums. I guess every artist has a date of expiry and I’m afraid Gwen has reached hers quite a few years ago.

  27. You guys are so negative… Lol. Take a minute to read your own comments… Anyway, there’s a little BIG difference between the singers you named and Gwen: These women are bitches or sluts and on the other hand… EVERYBODY loves Gwen. Plus, Gwen looks like a 30 years old woman, she’s the definition of “cool” and her voice sounds very fresh and young. I think it could be possible to have a new RADIO HIT from her new solo era. And I really think her new record will be awesome. I wish she could make a song similar to “Boom Clap” from Charli XCX… It would be called “Boom Snap Clap (Banana’s Song)” that’s my dream! Hahahaha (Just Kidding…)

  28. @batcaver I agree I’ve been reading on different blogs and what no and people are waiting for her to return and yes Gwen is as popular as Madonna and Britney and all those other women I don’t care for is everyone forgetting she was the first women to sell a million digital copies of HB?

  29. @batcaver I agree I’ve been reading on different blogs and what no and people are waiting for her to return and yes Gwen is as popular as Madonna and Britney and all those other women I don’t care for is everyone forgetting she was the first women to sell a million digital copies of HG?

  30. Funny you mention those songs cause I thought of on the floor and hung up when I was writing it. But again there’s at least a five year gap release between each of them so if is indeed rare. And yeah on the floor isn’t technically a jlo solo song it features pitbull. I hope gwen doesn’t go that low haha.

  31. Kings Never Die is currently #85 on iTunes US. American fans, make sure to support this song. This is a fantastic chance for Gwen to have a hit even if it’s as a featured artist.

  32. i love gwen with alllll my heart but Gwen isn’t as big as Britney Spears or Madonna…. not even close! Gwen has one #1 solo single under her belt, these other women have multiple GLOBAL #1’s. JLo has also never taken a break from showbiz, she’s constantly doing something

  33. Gwen is friggin amazing, but her career is no where near as popular as Brit and Madonna, let’s not fool ourselves. lol MAYBE if she had put out music more consistently she might have, but ND/Gwen wait so long between albums and people lose interest. Let’s not concentrate so much on hit singles and just hope it’s a good album filled with her introspective lyrics and quirky personality.

  34. Exactly Amanda. If she aims for a hit and it doesn’t happen, that’s a failure/disappointment. But if Gwen puts her heart and soul in the music, it will shine through, the fans will be happy, she will be respected by the media and her legacy will live on! Regardless of the commercial success, that in and of itself will be a victory.

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