“Kings Never Die” Available Now; Confirmed Second Single

It’s here! “Kings Never Die”, Gwen’s latest and surprise collaboration with rapper Eminem included on the Southpaw soundtrack, was released today ahead of schedule on both iTunes and Google Play. Eminem has also confirmed that “Kings Never Die” is set to the second single from the soundtrack which has been rumored the last week or so.

The song appears as the second track on the album and was set to be released on July 24 courtesy of Shady Records. “Kings Never Die” was produced by DJ Khalil and Gwen had photographed in the studio with The New Royales (DJ Khalil and Chin Injeti) back in April 2014. The New Royales Tweeted out that they had written “Kings Never Die” alongside Eminem and Gwen.

“Kings Never Die” is steadily climbing on iTunes and is featured in new trailers for the film airing now on TV as well as appearing over the ending credits in Southpaw.


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Makes sure to purchase the single to support Gwen and tell us what you think of her latest collaboration with Eminem below.


Here to stay
Even when I’m gone
When I close my eyes
Through the passage of time
Kings never die

I can hear the drummers drumming
And the trumpets, someone’s tryna summon someone, I know something’s coming
But I’m running from it to be standing at the summit
And plummet, how come it wasn’t what I thought it was
Was it, too good to be true?
Have nothing, get it all but too much of it
Then lose it again, then I swallow hallucinogens
Cause if not, where the hell did it go?
Cause here I sit in Lucifer’s den by the dutch oven
Just choosing to sin
Even if it means I’m selling my soul, just to be the undisputed again
Do whatever I gotta do just to win
Cause I got this motherfucking cloud over my head
Crown around it, thorns on it
Cracks in it, bet you morons didn’t
Think I’d be back, did ya?
How ’bout that I’m somehow now back to the underdog
But no matter how loud that I bark, this sport is something I never bow-wow’d at
I complain about the game, I shout and I pout, it’s a love-hate
But I found out that I can move a mountain of doubt
Even when you bitches are counting me out, and I appear to be down for the count
Only time I ever been out and about is driving around town with my fucking whereabouts, in a doubt cause
I been lost tryna think of what I did to get here but I’m not a quitter
Gotta get up, give it all I got or give up
Spit or shit or stepped on but kept going
I’m tryna be headstrong but it feels like I slept on my neck wrong
Cause you’re moving onto the next, but is the respect gone?
Cause someone told me that
(Kings never die)

Don’t give me that sob story liar, don’t preach to the choir
You ain’t ever have to reach in the fire to dig deep
Nobody ever handed me shit in life, not even a flyer
Wouldn’t even take shit into consideration
Obliterate anyone in the way
I think I see why a lot of rappers get on these features and try to show out on a track with me
But it’d actually have to be a fucking blowout to get me to retire
Tell these new artists that kings never die
I know shit has changed in this age, fuck a Twitter page, did just say I’ve been upstaged?
Why am I online? It’s driving me crazy, I’m riding shotgun tryna get a gauge
Almost hot, but I’m not running kaboom, with a stage pass and this shit
And opinions sway, I can hear them say, if I stay passionate maybe I can stay Jay miraculous
Comeback as if I went away, but detractors just say some bullshit for the Renegade
Someone’s gonna make me blow my composure
Here I go again, to the stage and I feel like I’m in a cage
They so want a champion to fall
I still wonder why I laugh at ’em cause why carry when I’m all
So fuck what these cynics say
Just goes to show that when my back’s against the wall
And I’m under attack again, I’ll act as if I’m posted up
With this pented rage cause saw all these plaques in my office
On the floor stacked against the door
All be just metaphors for the odds of
When you comin’ back again cause all the accomplishments, accolades, awards
And trophies just don’t mean jack anymore
Cause I’m here today and gone tomorrow
And I’m not gonna be

Here to stay
Even when I’m gone
When I close my eyes
Through the passage of time
Kings never die

I want it, I’m coming to get it, so you son of a bitches don’t duck your gun and get rid of those
Critics all end up in critical, think your shit is dope all you’re gonna get is smoked then
And I’m not stopping until I’m top again, all alone and on a throne
Like a token of respect, or a homage poem, or an ode, I’ve been on
Tossed in the air by my own arm, and launched so hard I broke my collarbone
And it’s my time to go, but I’m still not leaving
Stop for no one, I don’t know but I’ve been told that I should go
Launch a Rover, knock it over, time to go for that pot of gold, cause

They say kings never die
Just ask Jam Master Jay
They just grow wings and they fly
So, hands up, reach for the sky
Try to hold up and provoke these moments
Cause in a blink of an eye
They’ll be over

Tryna secure your legacy like Shakur
And ensure that nobody’s ever gonna be what you were
So before you’re leaving this Earth
You want people to feel the fury of a pure evil cerebral berzerk
Deacon of words, syllable genius at work
Plus I’m think that they’re mistaking my kindness for weakness, distill it with meanness
With some kind of back flipping burgers on the grill for some peanuts
Secure us to arenas, call me Gilbert Arenas, still appeal to the dreamers
I made it to the silverscreen where Rocky stepped with the demons
Khalil on the beat cause making the beat ain’t the same feeling to me is killing the beat
It’s overfilling to me, what filling a seat is
That sound, vomit, thirst and how common underground commons eat
Outsider stomach growl, throbbing hunger
Out-rhyming everyone, God just give me one shot
I swear that I won’t let you down
I’mma be around forever, entertain even in the ground
You ain’t ever gonna hear me say I ain’t

Here to stay
Even when I’m gone
When I close my eyes
Through the passage of time
Kings never die
Oh, oh, oh
Oh, oh, oh
Kings never die

88 Replies to ““Kings Never Die” Available Now; Confirmed Second Single”

  1. American fans, make sure you buy this song. This is her chance to have a hit even if it’s just as a featured artist.

  2. Doing not too bad so far:

    #64 Canada
    #65 United States

    I wonder if it will be sent to radio next week?

  3. I hope it reaches the top #40 and stays there for a whole week. Also, almost 250,000 views on youtube in less than 12 hours is pretty good.

  4. Sloooooooooooooowly rising in the USA. Top 40 seem out of reach at this point tbh. I expect it to start going down at the end of the day.

    #57 Canada
    #64 United States

  5. Yeah but remember that it’s Friday, not Mondays anymore. More people will be buying during the weekend.

  6. The 2nd comment on youtube, couldnt agree more:

    Brandon H 3 hours ago
    Em should have retired after Relapse. That was his last best body of work, IMO. All he does now is shout and ramble over wack beats and hooks from pop singers.

  7. Where is everybody elese, though? It’s only NDLOVER and me posting… Seems like interest has reached a new low 🙁

  8. Lol yeah! I guess I’m more excited with the fact that is doing well on iTunes (so far) than the song itself.

  9. I’m with you Bob, I will proudly not support eminem.
    Gwens 5 seconds are good the rest of the song is so wack.

  10. I Know That Gwen’s verses are just like 3 seconds but she sounds great . I hope she do something like this in her new record . Something dark and a little dramatic.

  11. Update! The song is available in Australia, NZ, Macau… I guess it will be available in other countries at midnight.

  12. #45… Bought it. Good luck Gwen! It’s a shame she doesn’t promote her collabs properly. Nothing on Twitter from her yet.

  13. Yeah that’s so odd. Is she the only person to run her own accounts? She’s hosting a tea party today for the Harajuku Lovers event. I hope she tweets something.

  14. I don’t recall her mentioning the Snoop Dogg collab either. It baffles me. It’s so easy to fire off a tweet.

  15. Yes, I also think she handles all these collaborations very weirdly. It’s almost like she wants to have nothing to do with it… Why does she agree to be on all those songs then? I’m sure many fans don’t even know she was on the Snoop track. Not everyone follows the updates on BSO.

  16. ^ Yeah! I mean, even a news update on her official site or FB should be mandatory. But hey what do I know… 😐

  17. It baffles me that does she not only tweet her collaborative ventures, but she also doesn’t tweet us fans about ANYTHING! where always left wondering.

    at the very same time I also love it, do Angelina & Brad tweet? I think its classy when the biggest stars dont post on social media LOL

  18. She and her team just suck at communication. It’s sad, but it’s a fact. This is one reason why this comeback will most likely end up being a huge flop. I know it sounds hard, but the way they communicate (or not communicate) interesting news is always such a buzzkill. That’s not how you sell your music and keep your audience interested in 2015. You can pick any current popstar and check out their FB, Instagram or Twitter to see what they do to remain relevant: They share, they post, they let their fans feel like they are actually a part of their world. Gwen’s age is not an excuse. Even Madonna is more active on social networks.

  19. I understand she doesn’t want to get involved and tweet fans. I applaud her for that actually. Some artists sometimes say things that can be misunderstood. But updates about her releases should be posted.

  20. I remember when Ryan Tedder and Benny Blanco tweeted Gwen about BDL being around the corner and she just didn’t respond… Sooooo awkward and I think she’s really sending out wrong signals by being so silent all the time. She appears like a diva that doesn’t give a damn about anything.

  21. #40 US
    #42 Canada

    She should tweet about her collabs, sometimes I feel she doesn’t even care about them.

  22. @yyy, I honestly just dont think people in there mid-40s know or care about social media, at least all the ones I know and gwens no different. I feel like she’s a mother first and foremost, pop star 2nd. Especially the time she came in the industry there was absolutely nothing like this, its not her era

  23. @Bob, maybe you are right and Gwen really doesn’t know or care about social media… but that’s what celebrities usually have a staff for. Someone, who takes care and keeps their Facebook, Twitter and Instagram updated. Age is no excuse imho. Even if Gwen is from a different era, it’s not like she woke up one day and suddenly there was the internet and Facebook.

    Oh well, I have got used to everything being different and complicated with ND/Gwen… At least there’s a tweet now about KND.

  24. They just have to shoot a “Game of thrones” themed video for it! I wanna see Gwen as a dark queen 😉

  25. @yyy, I agree with u, if she really wanted a successful return to music, she needs to be up to date on 2015

  26. I know 80 year olds who use FB. Her age is no excuse. It doesn’t take much to retweet or post. It’s also FREE press!! I agree that she comes across as not caring about her collabs or even knowing about them. I’m glad she finally said something about KND.


    BUT eminen too much drama.. let her sing some letters..

  28. As much as I’ve vocalized how much I dont like Marshall or the collaboration, I can at least say its still not even half as bad as “start the fire” LOLOL & that’s saying a lot from me

  29. Speaking from a musical stand point****** id still rather have “start the fire pt. 2” than this association

  30. You make no sense, Bob!

    I guess Gwen was ostracised with STF not only because of her age but the fact she’s an older woman. Imagine if she sang Eminem’s verses. People would still be nasty with her. Now if Eminem or Pharrell sang Spark The Fire, no one would bat an eye.

  31. @ndlover, I make perfect sense!!!! Musically KND is a better song than STF (Imo), but I have such a distaste for Marshall and his whole aesthetic that id take a “start the fire 2” over this. That’s how much I dislike the whole association

  32. @ndlover, gwen ostracized for STF was wayyyyyy more than her age! Please! The whole thing just sucked, she could’ve been 19 years old and its still awful

  33. #35 United States
    #36 Canada
    #45 Costa Rica
    #162 New Zealand
    #172 Australia
    #176 India
    #191 Taiwan

  34. Misogyny and ageism. 2 main factors why that song wasn’t well received. Madonna received similar backlash with her new single Bitch I’m Madonna.

  35. It’s sad but after a certain age women in the music industry are dragged, especially when they try to do something more out of the box. Now if you release an Adult Contemporary kind of song, something you’d expect an old woman to sing, it’s better accepted? That’s fucked up imo. I think we need more Madonnas and Gwens and Chers in your lives to show them that just because you’re a woman you don’t have to act a certain way once you turn 40. Thank God we’re not living in the Victorian times. lol

    Kings Never Die
    #34 United States
    #35 Canada
    #69 Poland
    #120 Australia
    #137 New Zealand
    #182 United Kingdom

  36. People didn’t like STF because the lyrics sucked and the song was annoying and people felt it was a watered down attempt to recreate HBG. Now can we get back to THIS threads topic? Lol #34 🙂

  37. People didn’t like STF because it was a 45 yo woman singing that song. Fact. If Taylor or Ariana or Nicki (lol Anaconda, duh) sang that song it would be a #1 hit.

  38. So mine is an opinion and yours is a fact? Oooookay. There were people who thought Gwen should be embarrassed to be in a video with emojis or rapping about “LOLing”, but I think ageism was further down the list of reasons people didn’t like it. It was mostly because the song was annoying.

    And for the record, I’m not saying I thought the song was awful. It’s catchy and I prefer it over BDL, but I really hope her album is nothing like it because she can do A LOT better.

    Are we going to be talking about this stupid song 10 years from now?? LOL

  39. Keep streaming Kings Never Die on Spotify, Apple Music and youtube. It counts towards the official music chart.

  40. People don’t like “Bitch I’m Madonna”, because it’s annoying, cheaply produced, monotonous and unrelatable. If Taylor Swift released the exact same song called “Bitch I’m Taylor” she’d get the same reactions as Madonna… even worse probably. And if Talyor, Rihanna, Gaga or Katy had released STF with “lol” lyrics and with a video in which they are dancing around cartoon emojis, they would have got the same reactions as Gwen. Of course ageism is an issue, but it’s not the main reason why people weren’t into STF.

    Remember that not even all her fans bought it. I never bought it. It was just not well received.

  41. Not saying your opinion isn’t valid. What I wrote is based on what I read every time I visit her youtube channel, twitter, last.fm etc. I can assure you that 80% of the comments are about her age and the fact that she’s too old for that. Push-lease! I’ve also read comments from people saying the song isn’t half as bad as they initially thought. I guess people just regurgitate their reactions. Most have decided to hate on this song because it wasn’t well received. Some didn’t even buy it cause it failed to chart. So many ridiculous stuff I’ve read about this song, you have no idea.
    But like you said, in 10 years we’ll still be talking about this song, the same way we still talk about Looking Hot and that video.

  42. YYY, surprised you don’t like “Bitch I’m Madonna”. It’s easily the highlight from that album.

  43. Maybe I only like annoying songs then. 😉 For example “Pretty Girls” was a travesti. That’s a bad song.

  44. YYY, thanks for letting me now you didn’t buy Spark The Fire. But you gladly accepted my extra purchase that I got from Google Play when I asked on the forum if someone wanted it. You said that you’d support it when it came out in Germany. Now I see why songs fail to chart these days… even the fans don’t support them. LOL Ok I’m done here for today. Have a nice weekend, guys!

  45. Just for the record, I’m glad I’m to one of those people who buy music based only in charts positions. That’s terribly sad.

  46. I did a quick read of iTunes and youtube user comments on STF and I didn’t see any comments about her being too old for the song. In fact, most couldn’t believe she was 45 because she looks younger and they were praising how great she looked. The comments were an even mix between people loving the song and people thinking it was terrible. I don’t see ageism as the main issue the song failed.

    OMG Pretty Girls was god awful. I liked Bitch I’m Madonna. Most rail her for the video being “too young”, but I thought it was bright and fun (gold teeth were too much though). Madonna is a whole other issue though. People love to hate on her and have throughout her career. But hey, people still talk about her and that’s what she wants.

  47. @NDLOVER, yeah I still feel bad about not buying STF tbh. I really planned to buy it when you gave me the song, but then it took them so long to finally release it in Germany and by then I had lost interest and was really frustrated with Gwen’s whole comeback 🙁 I just forgot about it then and some while ago I realized that I actually never bought it.

    I really don’t like “Bitch I’m Madonna” at all lol! I’m really torn on her new album anyways. I think there are some really good songs on it (“Ghosttown” is really good imho and so is “Living for love”), but then there’s also this other half of songs that are a little too annoying for me 😉 I also just don’t get this whole “bitch” thing. All those years of feminism and now it’s cool for women to call themselves or other women “bitch”? At least Gwen hasn’t entered this territory yet…

  48. @ndlover, I think you’re the only one that likes STF, literally. & I agree with @amanda g, no comments I’ve read have to do with her age, I think you just like that excuse or defense

  49. YYY, lol autocorrect!

    NDLOVER – what on earth are you talking about? Nobody is slut shaming anyone here. That is a song lyric that “Gwen Fucking Stefani” wrote about herself.

  50. NDLover thank you for sharing the chart positions! Seems to be climbing steady!

    As far as twitter & Gwen: remember she DID share a lot about spark the fire. She was so excited about that song and really wanted to promote it (I am not going into the whole STF=crap discussion again lol! But it was clear that Gwen really believed in that song. She hated BDL for some reason, I think er management forced that on her. Hence the lack of social media promo. I wonder if the same is true for those collaborations. Though frankly I’d think she’d be happy working with Snoop (he seems to have the kind of vibe of people she likes)

  51. Rosie Marie, yeah I wish I would shut up about STF, But every time I see people writing nonsense about it I feel like coming in. I hate how some fans act like it was the worst thing she has ever released. It’s fucking NOT. It’s a great song for what it is. It’s not her best song, I agree. I don’t even think it sounds remotely similar to HG. But hey if you fee like digging that deep it’s up to you. That song didn’t do well on the charts. So what? Big deal. I’ve heard much worst stuff on the Hot 100. I don’t even buy my music based on that. I only follow Gwen’s positions on the charts because she’s mainstream and unfortunately she needs that to stay “relevant”, by interscope’s standards. Otherwise I don’t give a shit. And If I want to buy I song I just buy it, I don’t go check the Hot 100 to see if it’s a hit. ffs. We’re better than that.

  52. I kinda want Gwen to do a song with Miley now only to see your reaction haha 😉

    Wrecking Ball is a really great pop song, though.

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