Kelly Wearstler’s Kind Words for Gwen

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Gwen’s good friend and highly sought after fashion and interior designer Kelly Wearstler spoke with E! recently about designing Gwen’s home and how she is “talented in so many ways”.

E! Online — With the holidays around the corner, a lot of us are gearing up to welcome family and friends into our homes.

So, when we recently spotted fashion and interior designer Kelly Wearstler at the Samsung Galaxy Note II launch party, we just had to get her to dish on quick tips for creating a warm environment to make any guests comfortable. Gwen Stefani did, after all, turn to Wearstler to work on her abode!

“[Stefani’s home] represents her because she had a vision of what she wanted, but it just ran through my filter and she’s so talented in so many different ways,” Wearstler said of her celebrity client.

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