Katy Perry Praises Gwen In New Interview

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Singer and big No Doubt fan, Katy Perry, has mentioned Gwen in another interview saying how she’s always been someone Katy has looked up to and how she discovered Gwen in her teens. Katy loves Gwen for her “fantastic fashion choices” and calls her a “creator” saying she’s so chic and always keeps a little punk rock in there.

We love to hear and share other’s kind words for the band!

KTIC Radio — In terms of what she will wear, Perry said she might emulate another pop star known for her fashion – Gwen Stefani.

“She’s someone that’s been a real important character in my life, someone I look up to,” she told The Telegraph. “I loved Gwen Stefani when I was a lot younger, when I discovered her in my teens. And I still love her now, I think she makes fantastic fashion choices. She has her own sense of style, she’s a creator, she is chic while still being still kind of punk rock about all of it.”

One Reply to “Katy Perry Praises Gwen In New Interview”

  1. It’s sad– Gwen is always such a style setter (fashion and music), but then people go and rip her off and get so much more praise. She basically invented genres of music, and influenced nearly all of the female pop stars of today. More of them should give her credit.

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