Katy Perry Wants To Channel Gwen’s “Chic Look” For Her Wedding

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Pop singer (and an open huge No Doubt and Gwen fan) has said that she wants to channel Gwen’s look and style for her upcoming wedding to comedian Russell Brand. She’s even hired Gwen’s wedding planner, Mindy Weiss. The article from E! is very confusing though… it mentions that Katy wanted to a “chic” look to her wedding dress, and they claim that Mindy designed it… not that case. Gwen’s good friend and idol John Galliano did. But in any case, we know if she’s going for Gwen’s look in any way, she’s going to be as stylish as ever!

E! Online
Katy supposedly hired celeb wedding planner Mindy Weiss, who did Gwen Stefani’s wedding, and we’re told Katy wanted to channel Gwen’s chic look when designing her dress.

She def went to the right person then!

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