Katy Perry: “My Idol Is Gwen Stefani”

We love Katy Perry. And we also admire her feelings that she’s expressed openly for No Doubt and Gwen over the years. In a new interview with More magazine, she goes on about how her idol is Gwen, and she loves how Gwen brands herself by not shoving herself down “people’s throats”.

Yahoo! — Katy Perry looks up to Gwen Stefani when planning her beauty ventures.

American pop star Katy is often praised for her kooky outfits and daring make-up choices, and she would like to do more business in the realm of style and beauty.She already boasts her own perfume called Purr by Katy Perry, and respects stars such as singer Gwen Stefani – who has her own clothing line called L.A.M.B. – who have their own businesses but don’t rely too much on their celebrity persona when promoting them. “My idol is Gwen Stefani. She’s doing it the right way – the cool way,” Katy told more! magazine. “You don’t feel like she’s shoving her products down your throat. It’s very classy and tasteful and really represents her personality. Whatever I do, I want it to have my own fingerprint.”Katy is constantly on the prowl for new beauty and cosmetic products to maintain her stunning appearance. As well as having great knowledge of the beauty industry, Katy feels her sense of humour allows her to stand out from the crowd and would help her in any future business projects. “I’m a woman who’s always looking in magazines and pharmacies to find better beauty products to incorporate into my regime,” she explained. “And I feel like there’s still room for someone like me to bring something different and unique – with a sense of humour.”

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