Isaac Mizrahi Mistakes Christina Aguilera For Gwen

This story is kind of funny. Clothing designer Isaac Mizrahi forgot Gwen’s name when L.A.M.B. was brought up during Fashion’s Night Out party, but referred to the line as “his favorite clothes”.

New York Daily News — Isaac Mizrahi loves Gwen Stefani’s L.A.M.B. clothing line – even if he thinks Christina Aguilera is behind it. When we asked the designer his opinion of celebrity-run labels at Bergdorf Goodman’s Fashion’s Night Out party on Thursday, Mizrahi struggled to remember the name of the singer behind L.A.M.B.

“Who is that – Cristina Aguilera who does my favorite clothes?” he wondered aloud. “She has a really red lipstick and white hair,” Mizrahi continued. Someone finally fed Stefani’s name to the flailing designer.

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